Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку "Weather"; 4 класс




Английский язык


по теме «ПОГОДА»

для 4 класса


учитель английского языка

Иванцова Л.А.

Г. Лукоянов


Музыкальное представление по теме « Погода» предназначено для учащихся 4 класса начальной школы.

Цели и задачи: формировать мотивацию к изучению английского языка; способствовать практическому применению знаний и умений, полученных на уроке;

развивать творческие способности учащихся.

Оборудование: компьютер.

Дидактический материал: компьютерная презентация.

Подготовительная работа: Учащиеся заранее разучивают стихи, сценку и песни.

Во время представления учащиеся делятся на 2 команды, чтобы ответить на вопросы, загаданные на картинках.

Seasons and weather

  • Teacher: Hello, everybody! We are glad to see you here. We’ve gathered together today to speak about the seasons and weather. Take your chance and sing songs, recite poems, take part in other activities.

  • Teacher: Let’s start with seasons. Look at the picture and say what season is in the picture.

(Pictures with different seasons are shown, pupils must name the season.)

  • Teacher: Well done! Now what do you know about these seasons?

(Pupils recite poems about seasons.)

Spring is green,

Summer is bright,

Autumn is yellow,

Winter is white.

Grass,trees and leaves are green in spring

And even birds begin to sing

But if the clouds are dark grey

Please don’t be sad

Expect the rain.

Summer! Holidays! Hooray!

School is over, you may play

All day long till late at night

You can make your spirits bright.

Yellow leaves, orange leaves,

Red and green and brown.

Rainy time, windy time,

Autumn comes to town.

Winter has a lot of snow

It is cold but you can go

Skiing, skating, you can sleigh

On a sunny, frosty day

Winter is a lot of fun

For a daughter and a son

Children wait for Santa Claus

And for holidays , of course.

The snow is falling,

The wind is blowing.

The ground is white

Every day and night.

  • Teacher: Wonderful! Do you know what question English people ask very often? Listen to the song and answer the question.

What’s the weather like today?

English people often say.

It’s a nice day, isn’t it?”

Hundreds times they can repeat.

It will help in many ways,

If you learn this simple phrase

What’s the weather like today?

You can say it every day.

What’s the weather like today?

You can say it every day.

What’s the weather like today?

If the sky is so grey

It is going to rain” , says my little sister Jane.

What’s the weather like today?

It’s a riddle, can you say?”

Outside is snowing

The strong wind is blowing.

What’s the weather like today?

You can say it every day.

  • Teacher: Ok. What is the most popular question in Great Britain?

(What’s the weather like today?)

And what can you say about the weather in the pictures? (Pupils describe the weather in the pictures.)

  • Teacher: What’s the weather like in different seasons?

In winter it’s snowy, slippery, foggy.

In summer it’s sunny and fine.

In autumn it’s cloudy, windy and rainy.

In spring you want to jump up to the sky

Weather comes and weather goes,

Autumn winds and winter snows.

Sometimes cold and sometimes hot,

Sometimes raining, sometimes not.

Summer sun and springtime green,

The brightest rainbow ever seen.

No matter what we do or say,

We have weather every day.

Weather is hot,

Weather is cold,

Weather is changing

As the weeks unfold.

  • Teacher: Really the weather is sometimes so changeable that people do not know what clothes to wear. Watch the drama “The Sun and the Wind” and say which is stronger.

  • Wind: I am strong!

  • Sun: I am stronger!

  • W: Look at that man! Who can take off his coat?

  • S: All right!

  • W: Whoo! Whoo! I want your coat.

  • Man: Oh! What a strong wind! How cold it is! It’s the coldest day in April.

  • W: I can’t take off his coat…

  • M: I’m glad that I’ve got a warm coat.

  • S: I am stronger! I’ll take off his coat.

  • M: Now it’s warmer. It’s not so cold. It’s not windy at all.

  • S: Well, Wind! You see, I am stronger!

  • M: It’s hot!

  • W: You are the strongest in the country and in the city!

  • Teacher : Which is stronger?

The Sun.

The sky is blue and snow’s white

The sun is yellow and bright

This rose is red and that is pink

Like all roses I think.

Skies are cloudy,

Skies are fair,

Skies are changing everywhere.

Инсценировка песни:

Song: Rain, rain go away!

Rain, rain go away

Come again another day

Daddy wants to play

Rain, rain go away.

Mommy wants to play

Brother wants to play

Sister wants to play

Baby wants to play

All the family wants to play

It is raining,

It is snowing,

It is windy

With breezes blowing.

Days are foggy,

Days are clear,

Weather is changing

Throughout a year!

Song: How’s the weather?

It’s Sunny
It’s Sunny
It’s Cloudy
It’s Cloudy
It’s Windy
It’s Windy
How’s the weather is it cloudy? (no, no)
How’s the weather is it windy? (no, no)
How’s the weather is it sunny? (yes, yes)
It’s sunny today, let’s go out and play!
It’s raining
It’s raining
It’s snowing
It’s snowing

How’s the weather is it raining? (no, no)
How’s the weather is it snowing? (no, no)
How’s the weather is it sunny? (yes, yes)
It’s sunny today, It’s sunny today
Let’s go out and play! Let’s go out and play!

Teacher: Now our party is over. Thank you all for taking part.


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S E A S O N S Выполнила: Иванцова Л. А. учитель английского
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It is sunny
Слайд 11
It is snowy
Слайд 12
It is warm
Слайд 13
It is cloudy
Слайд 14
It is cold
Слайд 15
It is hot
Слайд 16
It is windy
Слайд 17
It is rainy
Слайд 18
It is hot
Слайд 19
It is rainy
Слайд 20
It is cloudy
Слайд 21
It is warm
Слайд 22
It is sunny
Слайд 23
It is windy
Слайд 24
It is cold
Слайд 25
It is snowy
Слайд 26
k r o w r u o y r o f u o y k n Tha
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References https://www.google.ru/search?q

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