Урок английского языка "Tour To Stratford-upon-Avon"; 7 класс

Урок английского языка "Tour To Stratford-upon-Avon"; 7 класс

1 Warming-up

After our last few lessons we  know a lot about travelling. Remind me our motto, please.


The more you live the more you travel,

The more you travel the more you see,

The more you see the more you learn.

2 Checking homework.

Hope you’re ready to make a Word Cluster to revise everything we know about   travelling.

PP ( составляют кластер на доске)


- transport –by sea

- by plane

- by car

- on foot             



– at a hotel

-With friends

-at a campsite       


Planning the visit   

- buy tickets

-Book accommodation

-Pack luggage        



– meet people

-eat local dishes

-practise foreign language    


PP: We can travel by…… We may stay at…..

We have to buy…… We’ll eat…

3 Stating the main aim of the lesson.

As we’re ready to travel and know how to start the journey, we can do it today!

This lesson is the first to work on an interesting project “Travelling to an English town” . First of all we need to choose the town and find out why it is interesting, what sights it has. This is what we have to do today. We’ll also revise The Passive as we need it  a lot to talk about historical places. I suggest going to the place connected with a very famous English person. Слайд 1

Do you know his name?


He was born in 1654 so 2014 was decided to be marked as Shakespeare’s year. Who was he?

PP: a writer ( слайд 2)

T :There are a lot of ways to say a writer in English (слайд 3)Let’s read them.

Now you’ll watch a video to learn more about Shakespeare and answer some questions. ( Видео 1)

PP: (отвечают на вопросы по видео)

4 Watching the video . Speaking using Passive grammar structures.

T:  Now the time has come to name Shakespeare’s native town. Here’s its old map. What can be seen on it? Use the Passive as I do, please.

PP:  A river, a bridge … can be seen on the map.

T: It’s more comfortable for us to travel using a new map. ( слайд5) Получают распечатанные карты и картинки)

You got the pictures with some important sights in Stratford. Your task is to watch a video tour of the town and recognize all of them. (видео 2)

Work in pairs and find the sights on your maps.

PP: Number 1 is picture A . Shakespeare’s birthplace can be seen here. ( показывают на большой карте)

5 Listening. Reading.

T : Now listen to the guide once again and fill in the gaps in the text. ( получают распечатанный текст с пропусками. Слайд 6 . Аудио) Let’s check now. 

Find the answers to the questions and tell us using the passive. Work in pairs.

PP: Where is Stratford located? – It is located on the river Avon.     Etc

6 Speaking

T: Now let’s work in groups. Each group will choose one sight and tell us everything you can about that using the information you’ve found from the text and the video. ( Слайды 7 – 11)

PP: We’d like to visit  Shakespeare’s Church. He was baptized there after his  birth in 1654. He was buried there when he died.        Etc

7 Reflections

T: Who can tell me what we have done during today’s lesson?

  PP: We have visited Shakespeare’s native town, learn a lot about sights there and found out interesting facts about the town.

8 Hometask

T: At home you’ll continue working. Follow the links in our group to learn more about Stratford. Read the text and underline the Passives in it.

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