Викторина по английскому языку "Olympic Games in London"; 7 - 8 классы

Викторина посвящена Лондонской олимпиаде, истории игр в Лондоне, составлена для муниципального конкурса для учащихся 7-8 классов.

1. When were the Olympic Gamesheld  in London?
a) July 27th-August 12th b) June 12th- June 27th      c) June 27th- July 13th

2. How many countries did take part in the Olympic Games in London in 2012?
a) 204 b) 300 c) 250

3. What is the largest restaurant in the world was opened during the London s Olympic Games?
a) MC Donald s              b) KFC        c) Burger King

4. How many times was London the host of the Olympics?
a) 2 b) 3 c) 4

5. What place did the London team take at the Olympics in 2012?
a) 2    b) 3    c) 4

6. When were the first London Olympic Games held?
a) 1908    b)1948    c) 1998

7. In what kind of sport did the London team set a world record?
a)tennis   b) water polo  c) bike

8. What sport was first included in the programme of the Olympic Games?
a) women’s  boxing   b) horseback riding  c)sailing

9. What athletes did take part first in the London Olympic in 1908?
a) Russian   b) American    c) French

10. Who carried the banner from the team of the Great Britain at the London Olympics?
a) Chris Khoy   b) Kinanstone Studd  c) Charles Smith

11. What was depicted on the back of the London medals?
a) Nika and the Thames  b) Nika and Big Ben  c) Elizabeth II

12. Who performed the anthem at the Olympics in London?
a) Muse  b) Spice Girls  c) George Michael

13. Who opened the Games at the opening ceremony?
a) Tony Bler   b) Elizabeth II  c) Elizabeth II and Prince Philipp

14. What were the symbols of the Olympic Games in London?
a) Eaglet Sam b) Vinicius and Tom c) Wenlock and Mandeville

15. What games were excluded from the programme of the Olympic Games?
a) basketball and baseball     b) baseball and softball c) baseball and volleyball

16. How many sports were included in the programme of the Olympics?
a) 26   b) 27   c)28

17. At which stadium was the final of the football match?
a)Millennium  b) Webley c) Old Trafford

18. How many countries have expressed a desire to host the Olympics in 2012?
a) 8     b) 9    c) 10

19. How was the stadium called where the Opening ceremony was held?
a) The Isles of Wonder   b) The Isles of Sports   c) The Isles of Success 

20. How many gold medals did the team of the UK win?
a) 27    b)28c)29

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