Контрольная работа по английскому языку по УМК Сambridge Global English 3; 4 класс

Контрольная работа разработана для учащихся 4 класса для текущего контроля грамматического навыка употребления неправильных глаголов в простом прошедшем времени и навыков поискового чтения с учетом программных требований учебника.

1.Read andcomplete.Use the Past Simple.

It was (be) my birthday last week and my parents __________1(give) me a very unusual birthday present.They __________2(take) me to London Zoo but not like a visitor.I worked there!They have a special project at the zoo called Keeperfor aday and last Saturday I___________3(be) a zoo keeper!
Four other children ___________4(be) in my team and we all_________5(feel) really excited.First  we__________6(meet) Gerry, the head keeper,and he ____________7(tell) us about the zoo.Then we ___________8(go) to visit penguins.We cleaned their pool and _____________9(give) them some fish.After that we__________10(have) a great time in the monkey park.I________11(see) a lot of monkeys. They _________12(eat)bananasand _______13(run) in the sun.Аbaby monkey ________14(take) my camera! Luckily, Gerry____________15(get) it back for me! At the end of the day  we _______16(be) tired but very happy!I hope I can go again next year!

2.Read the dialogue.Choose the main idea.What can we learn from it?Circle the correct answer.Read the sentences.Choose True or False.
Harry:Nature is horrible.
Mia:Whydoyousaythat?Justlookhowbeautifuleverythingis:thosebirds,the butterflies,the flowers…
Harry:Yes,they are beautiful but why do some animals eat other animals?Lions eat zebras,snakes eat mice and sharks eat smaller fish. It’s terrible.
Mia:Yes,but it isn’t because they are bad.They need to eat meat.
Mia: Some animals eat plants only,others eat both plants and meat and others eat meat only.They need meat to survive.
Mia:Yes,of course!Lionscan’t leave without meat.They die.
Harry:Hmm,I’m beginning to understand.
Harry:Allanimalsareimportant.Lions need meat,so they hunt antilopes,zebras and other animals.When there aren’t enough of them,lions can’t eat.

Choose the main idea of the dialogue.

A.Some animals are goodand some animals are bad.The bad ones are meat-eaters.
B.We need to protect nature.Animals mustn’t die out.
C. Some are going to die out, but it doesn’t matter.Nature has got enough animals.

Choose True or False.

  1. Mia thinks that nature is horrible.True / False
  2. Some animals eat other animals because they just want to eat. True / False
  3. Lions are plant-eaters. True / False
  4. Sharks are meat–eaters.True / False
  5. Harry begins to understand that all animals are important in nature.True / False

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