Тест "The Present Simple and the Possessive Pronouns"; 3 класс

Task 1. Circle the correct word.

  1. Harry get up/ gets up at eight o’clock.
  2. I do/ does exercises.
  3. They brush/ brushes their teeth.
  4. My uncle have/ has breakfast at seven o’clock.
  5. We go/ goes to work at nine o’clock.
  6. He make/ makes his bed.
  7. My parents usually get/ gets home at six o’clock.

Task 2. Write in my, his, her, your, our, or their.

  1. I walk … pet every evening.
  2. We tidy … room every Saturday.
  3. You feed … dog every day.
  4. Sam does … homework in the evening.
  5. Ann brushes … teeth in the bathroom.
  6. Maggie and Steve help … mum.

Task 3. Write in Do or Does.

  1. … you get up early in the morning?
  2. … your sister tidy her room?
  3. … your parents go to work in the morning?
  4. … your friend help his parents?
  5. … your dad do his exercises?

Task 4. Circle the correct word.

  1. My mum don’t/doesn’t like chocolate.
  2. I don’t/doesn’t cook breakfast.
  3. We don’t/doesn’t like apples.
  4. My friends don’t/doesn’t do their exercises.
  5. Our dog don’t/doesn’t like sweets.
  6. Our granddad don’t/doesn’t go to work.

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