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Сценарий праздника Christmas
agassi1959Дата: Понедельник, 15.11.2010, 17:52 | Сообщение # 1

Виталик Баран
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Уважаемые коллеги! нужен хороший сценарий Christmas) сдаю на II категорию.
то что есть у меня - мелковато всё! надо школьное провести) PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NaleheДата: Понедельник, 15.11.2010, 22:32 | Сообщение # 2

Елена Измайлова
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Предлагаю вариант спектакля, я его ставила с ребятами 8 класса. Нужно только подобрать музыку.

Father Frost, Snowmaid, Santa Claus, Fairy Befana, Papay Noel, Christmas goat Yolupukki, The Sack.

(Snowmaid appears,some children are dancing around the New Year Tree)
New Year Day, happy day,
We are all glad and like to play!
We all dance and sing and say,
“Welcome! Welcome! New Year Day!”

Singing, dancing merrily,
Round the New Year Tree,
Merrily, merrily, merrily
Round the New Year Tree

Happy New Year, my friends,
Happy New Year today!
Let us dance hands in hands.
I will show you the way.

(“Jingle Bells” sounds, Santa Claus comes )
Santa Claus:
I live in England
Funny and merry.
My cheeks are like roses
My nose is like a cherry.
With a branch of green holy
And robin, his friend
To all little children
New Year wishes I send!
Snowmaid: Good morning. Santa Claus.
Santa Claus: Happy New Year! I came here on the invitation of Russian Father Frost.
Snowmaid: Oh. My grandfather will be later.
Santa Claus: No problem. It`s OK.
Snowmaid: I am sorry.
Santa Claus: Don`t worry. English children asked me to say “hello” to these children(addressing the audience) I will say “Hello” and you will clap your hands. I will try to pass my hand between yours, while you are clapping. And you try to catch my hand-hello. Clear?
(Merry music sounds.Santa Claus goes to children, plays with them )

(A bit later Italian music sounds. Fairy Befana appears. Long black hair, not attractive appearance, long dress,a broom in the hand.)
Fairy Befana: To little children
Through the chimneys
I hurry with a broom
I don`t need to have any keys
To get into your houses
And on my way I look around
And look for stockings everywhere
I put some presents into them
For those, who are nice.
Snowmaid: Good morning, Fairy Befana!
Fairy Befana: Buon Anno!
Snowmaid: Here you`ll see only nice children!
Fairy Befana: Ciao bambini! It means- hello, children! But I can speak different languages, because I am a fairy. We have Italian Father Frost too. His name is Babbo Natalle. He asked me to come here.
Snowmaid: I sent this invitation specially for you.
Fairy Befana: Thanks, Snowmaid. On the 6th of January Italians celebrate a great holiday- Befana`s Day. After this party I am going to Italy- to give presents to Italian Children. Long ago people in Italy used to throw colorful candies over their friends` heads. And now we have confetti.
(Fairy Befana throws confetti over the heads of the audience.)

( Latino American music sounds. Papay Noel comes)
Papay Noel:
In tropical Panama
Before New Year`s Eve
I come to little children
Who love I most of all
A lot of different presents
They get from me of course
And merrily we dance around
This palm
In yellow shorts.
But it is very cold here. Give me something to warm myself. And where is Father Frost?
Snowmaid: He hasn`t come yet. We are still waiting for him.
Papay Noel: I am getting cold here. What`s that? (pointing to a New Year tree) There are no such decorated cactuses in Panama.
Snowmaid: It isn`t a cactus, it`s a New Year Tree.
Papay Noel: I`ve never seen it before. We decorate palms.
(“Happy New Year”(ABBA) sounds. Christmas Goat Yolupukki comes)
Yolupukki: Meet me. I am a goat in a fur coat.
I am a Scandinavian Father Frost
I`ve brought a magic book with me
My name is Yolupukki.
I like to sing and dance for you
And then you`ll get some cookies.
In this magic book you can see everything, that bad children do. Let`s see, are there any notes about Russian children? Oh, I like these children. And who are you?
Snowmaid: I am Snowmaid.
Yolupukki: Was that you, who sent me the invitation card for this party?
Snowmaid: Yes, that was me.
Yolupukki: Thank you. Be-e!
Snowmaid: Yolupukki, what does your name mean?
Yolupukki: It`s Christmas Goat. Do you know, how Christmas Goats greet each other?
Snowmaid: No, I don`t.
Yolupukki: And do you, children, know? Look and remember. (He makes “horns” with his right hand above his head, at the same time he stretches his left hand forward with the thumb up, saying “ho!”. Then he claps his hands and steps his feet. Then he changes his hands, does the same.)
Snowmaid: How funny!
Yolupukki: Let`s greet each other like goats do. (He plays with children.)

( Russian New Year Song sounds. Father Frost comes)
Father Frost: Good morning. Were you waiting for me?
Father Frost
Brings many toys
For little girls
And little boys.
Snowmaid: Grand-dad, you are so late. But where is your sack?
Father Frost: It must be here. (looking for it )
Snowmaid: I think, you haven`t brought it.
Father Frost: Can the sack have got lost? But now it will be here! (He raps his stick on the floor)

(Russian dancing music sounds. The Sack comes, dancing)
Father Frost: Stop, Sack, stop! Show me the presents.
The Sack: Oh, no. I have lost them on my way.
Snowmaid: What should we do now? (cries)
Everybody: We are you friends. We`ll help you.
Father Frost: Thank you. Sack! Show us the way, you`ve come here!
(Everybody follows The Sack, they leave the stage, dancing like the Sack. Then they appear with the sledges, the sack is full of presents. The participants stand in line and recite, banging Christmas crackers)
Snowmaid: On this day, the 31
Fairy Befana: Of December every person
Yolupukki: English, Russian, Greek, Chinese
Papay Noel: Spanish, Dutch, and Japanese
Santa Claus: Celebrates, and gives a toast
Father Frost: Cries – “Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!”

Enjoy yourselves!

agassi1959Дата: Вторник, 16.11.2010, 17:29 | Сообщение # 3

Виталик Баран
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спасибо огромное!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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