Сценка на английском языке в "Стране невыученных уроков. Christmas"

Луговская Алеся Александровна


The author: It’s always difficult to be a good pupil nowadays, but it is so hard to be a bad pupil. Let’s see what can happen with the person who hasn’t studies must do a lot of homework, write essays, learn poems by heart on Christmas Eve.

Alex ( talking on the phone): I can’t go out with you. I know, that I’ve promised. But I have to do my homework. …. Yes…. If I do, I’ll call you. Bye ( talking with his cat) : Oh, Lucik, you see… I don’t know how I can do it. It’s impossible. Why must we study so many subjects… I wish I were you… I must rest…

A sweet melody is played and Alex falls asleep.

The cat wakes Alex and says: My master, it’s so late, you must do your homework.

Alex (shocked) : You can speak, can’t you??? I can’t believe. Maybe I’m ill.

Lucik: Don’t be silly. Hurry up! Do your homework or you will get only poor marks tomorrow. Let’s try!

At this moment a teacher of History appears.

History: I am a teacher of History. You are in the World of Unlearned lessons. And if you want to go out, you must answer different questions. Do you understand the whole problem?

Alex: Yes, I try!

History: Well, It’s Christmas Eve. And I want you to answer : When do people celebrate Christmas and why&

Alex tries to remember something.

Lucik: You know , just remember!

Alex: Oh, I know! All English people celebrate Christmas on the 25 th of December. It is the early celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It falls on the 25 th of December by the Catholic Church and on the 7 th of January by the Orthodox Church. This holiday means the beginning of the new year and the new life.

History: Great! You can if you want. And take this key. You need it at the end of your adventure.

Alex: Thanks a lot. Take it( and gives it to the cat)

History goes away and at this moment a Teacher of Chemistry appears.

Chemistry: I’m a worshiped science. Without my help you can’t make different sweets for your holiday! And you don’t know chemical reactions at all/ But it’s a holiday today and I give you a chance to improve. What is the recipe of sugar candies?

Lucik: Mmm… I like candies. My master, why haven’t you cooked it for me?

Alex: If I only I know… Stop… I have read about it! Well, the recipe of sugar candies is very simple. You need sugar syrup and a great amount of sugar. Mix syrup with sugar and cook until quite thick and dense pulp. And then let it cool down, and put it in special forms.

Lycik: Sounds tasty

Chemistry: Wow! You know it. I hope you will study Chemistry and won’t get5 bad marks. Take this key, you will need it at the end of your adventure.

Alex: Thanks. ( when the teacher has gone) I don’t know what to do with this keys ( and gives it to the cat)

At this moment a teacher of Literature comes.

Literature: I’m a teacher of such a great subject! You must know different poems, different facts about authors.

Alex: Oh, it’s so difficult to set my mind on it. But I will try.

Literature: Ok. Let’s try. Tell me a poem, which we have recently learnt by heart.

Alex tries to remember.

Lucik: My master, you know it! I remember some words from this poem: Christmas, stockings, the best holiday…

Alex: Oh, well…

It’s Chrismas! Merry Christmas!

Yes, it’s merry, merry Christmas,

It’s time for handing stockings,

It’s time for riding sleighs,

It’s time for jolly greeting,

Oh O love you merry Christmas,

You’re the best of holidays!

Literature: Great! I’m sure that you can learn everything in future! Good Luck! Take this key, it will help ypu at the end of your adventure!

Alex: Goodbye! Thanks a lot!

At this moment a teacher of PT appears.

PT teacher: Oh, Alex! You are so weak. You can’t do different exercises and you can’t even play football. You don’t go to the Kachalka. It’s unbelievable! I hope you will train yourself!

Alex: I have no time for it! But I promise to do morning exercises every morning and take part in different completions. ( shows how he will do morning exercises)

PT teacher: Oh, this is vashe good. See you at the kachalka. And Take this key. I hope ypu know what to do with it! Goodbye!

Alex: Goodbye! Wait…

At this moment a teacher of English appears.

English: Oh, Alex! I’m a teacher og English. As you know English is an international language. But unfortunately, you don’t care about it! You don’t learn words, don’t do grammar exercises ad don’t learn important information. It’s awful.

Alex: On, I’m so sorry! I try to be better.

English: Tell me how English people celebrate Christmas!

Lucik: I know! My master, you lernt it last week!

Alex: Mmm… Christmas is Britain’s most popular holiday. People decorate their houses with light during Christmas. Red and green are the common decoration colours. The traditional Christmas tree in England is the fir tree. People go carol singing from one house to another to collect money for charity. Family and friends place gifts under the Christmas tree. The gifts are opened in the afternoon, or after dinner feast.

English: Great! You can if you want! Take this key, it will help you! You must make up sentences if you wat to wake up. If you can’t, you will stay in our world forever!

Alex: Well, what do I have? New Year, and merry, A Happy, Christmas. Hmm…. Let’s try! Lucik, help me!

Lucik: Oh, it’s easy! It’s a congratulation!

Alex: I see!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lucik: Master! You did it!

Alex: Yes, but I’m so exhausted! Let’s have a rest.

They fall asleep. The bell is ringing. Alex wakes up. He is in hurry!

Alex: Oh, I’m late! I must go to school. Lucik, I saw such an interesting dream. You spoke!!! I wish you could speak. See you late!

Lucik ( when Alex has gone) I can…But I don’t want!)

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