Тесты на времена английского языка для 7-9 классов с ответами"

Present Simple Tense

  • правильный вариант формы Present Simple


  1. My brother _____ (to go) to the youth club every Thursday.
  1. go                   b) goes                   c) to goes
  1. The plane _____ (to take off) at 07:00 a.m. and _____ (to land) at 11:00 a.m.
  1. takes off, lands    b) will take off, will land        c) take off, land
  1. What _____ your opinion about this new article?
  1. are                 b) do                      c) is
  1. You are very allergic. Why ___ you eat so much chocolate?
  1. does               b) do                      c) –
  1. Every year Sally _______ (to meet) her classmates at the party on October 31.
  1. meet               b) meets                c) to meet
  1.  Paula _____ (to work) very hard. She is a great specialist.
  1. work               b) not work           c) works
  1. Uh! You always _____ (to cook) spaghetti. Can you cook something else?
  1. cooking           b) cooks                c) cook  
  1. My teacher often _____ (to use) a computer during our lesson.
  1. uses                 b) is using             c) to use
  1. Sometimes we ______ (to organize) weddings and anniversaries.
  1. are organizing   b) organize           c) organizing
  1.  ____ you see each other every day?
  1. does                 b) are                      c) do
  1. Our new neighbor _____ (not speak) Russian. He ______ (to speak) Greek.
  1. doesn’t speak, speaks  b) don’t speak, speak   c) not speak, speak
  1.  ____ your friend repair his car twice a year?
  1. does                b) is                         c) do
  1.  When ____ his birthday?
  1. does                b) -                           c) is
  1.  The Earth _____ (to move) round the Sun.
  1. moves             b) is moving             c) moved
  1.  ___ they have a discount card ? I want to buy some goods.  
  1. -                       b) are                       c) do



Past Simple Tense


Выберите правильный вариант формы Past Simple

  1. It ____ (to be) a very difficult job.
  1. is                         b) was                  c) were   
  1. I _____ (to see) a woman yesterday. I think I know her.
  1. see                      b) seed                  c) saw
  1. A lot of reporters _____ (to be) at the conference last week.
  1. were                   b) was                   c) be
  1. ___ you buy his beautiful house in 2009?
  1. do                       b) were                  c) did
  1. Last winter we ______ (to move) to Italy.
  1. moved                 b) move                  c) did move
  1. He _____ (not live) in Boston in 2001.
  1. doesn’t live          b) didn’t live          c) not live
  1. When ___ Mag finish school?
  1. was                        b) is                       c) did
  1. That house ______ (to lose) its roof in the storm 2 years ago.
  1. lost                         b) lose                   c) losed
  1. Jenny _____ (to work) at a circus last spring.
  1. works                      b) did work            c) worked
  1.  We ____ (to find) a nice place on that island. It was great holidays.
  1. found                      b) finded                c) find
  1.  When ____ Jane decide to look for a new job?
  1. did                           b) was                    c) –
  1.  My brother _______ (not help) me with the washing-up yesterday.
  1. don’t help                b) didn’t help          c) not help
  1.  Lucy _____ (to study) at English school a year ago.
  1. studied                      b) studies                c) did study
  1.  It ____ (to be) very difficult test. I ______ (to look up) many words in dictionary.
  1. was, looked up         b) were, looked up    c) was, was looking up
  1. George’s father______ (to come) to us the day before yesterday.
  1. come                         b) comed                   c) came






Future Simple Tense

Выберите правильный вариант формы Future Simple

  1. After classes I ____ (to go) to English club.
  1. will go                 b) go                             c) am go
  1. The meeting ______ (to hold) tomorrow.
  1. is hold                   b) will hold                  c) hold
  1. ____ Penny come back next week?
  1. will be                   b) -                               c) will
  1. When we get a Paddington station, I _____ (to send) you a postcard.
  1. will send                b) send                        c)’l send
  1. Next month our family ______ (to sell) a big van.
  1. sell                          b) sells                        c) will sell
  1. If the bus doesn’t come soon, she _____ (to be) late.
  1. is                              b) will                        c) will be
  1. What ____ happen if that box drops?
  1. will                          b) will be                   c) –
  1. Martin ______ (to buy) a new jacket next autumn.
  1. buys                          b) buy                       c) will buy
  1. Kate _____ (not marry) Bill. She loves another man.
  1. won’t marry                b) marry                  c) not marry
  1. ____ you invite me to your party tomorrow?
  1. are                            b) do                         c) will
  1.  My children _____ (to finish) school next year.
  1. will finish                 b) are finish               c) –
  1.  Where ____ they go for their holidays?
  1. do                             b) will                        c) will be
  1.  Don’t worry! He _____ (to find) your keys.     
  1. finds                         b) will find                 c) will be find
  1.  If Santa Claus presents him a lap top, he _____ (to be) happy.  
  1. will be                      b) be                          c) will
  1.  If you can’t find our house, we ______ (to draw) a map for you.
  1. draw                         b) are draw                c) will draw

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