Project "Semyon Pavlovich Matin — the veteran of the Great Patriotic War"

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Semyon Pavlovich Matin –

the veteran of the Great Patriotic War”

Teacher of English:

Rada Sergeevna Modorova

Ust-Muta, 2015

Project “Semyon Pavlovich Matin - the veteran of the Great Patriotic War”

The idea of project: 70 years have passed since the day of the Victory in the Great Patriotic war, but its echo till now doesn`t calm down in humans` souls. We haven`t the right to forget the horror of that war. We haven`t the right to forget those soldiers, who died for our bright future. We must remember everybody and everything. We must come down the memory about one of the most terrible war, which concerned every family, from father to son.

Problem: There are two veterans in Ust-Kan district. One of them lives in Verh-Muta.

The aim of the project: formation of spiritual and moral qualities of the students; development of skills for research and project activities; familiarize with the history of their own country during the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945;  development sense of patriotism, pride in our country, the willingness to defend it in time of need.


to expand students ' knowledge about the great Patriotic war;

to interview with a veteran about his life;

to talk about him in project competition “My native land”

Form of work:

meetings with veteran, members of his families; creating a presentation.

Project participants:

the veteran - Semyon Pavlovich Matin

students of school, teacher of History, teacher of English.

Dates: March -April

The stages of the project:

The first stage

The second stage

The third stage

information gathering

interview with a veteran

processing of information

creating presentation

public discourse in project competition “My native land”

Expected results

acquisition of skills of prospecting works;

increase knowledge about the great Patriotic war;

preservation of the memory of the harsh years of the life of their ancestors;

the satisfaction of communicating with parents, relatives, veterans, classmates.

The app.


Semyon Pavlovich Matin is a veteran of the great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, the Veteran of labour. The valiant son of Altai. Defender of the Motherland.
Semyon Pavlovich Matin was born March 3, 1923, in Verkh-Muta Ust-Kansky district.
When the war started, he was 18 years old. From the first days of the war, he went to the front. In 1941-1942 years fought in the 1230 th infantry regiment. Military position - gunner regiment. He had to fight in a dangerous time, but he bravely fought the enemy. He took part in the battles for the liberation the towns: Kiev, Minsk, Warsaw, Polotsk. Such countries: Hungary, Poland, Belarus.
In the battle for Don Semyon Pavlovich was severely wounded and taken prisoner. A concentration camp for POWs was in the Kursk region. Hungry prisoners ate grass. He told me that the Nazis gave them a salted water in order to peel the skin easy from the body. The Nazis opened the production of gloves, bags, lampshades from human skin.

In 1943 he and his comrades heard the rumble of the approaching front. Soon Soviet aircraft flew and began to bombard the German positions. When another bombing he and his friends decided to escape from captivity. It was night. He and his comrades took refuge in a swamp. Many days and nights they tried to reach their front.

When they got to their positions, they were sent to a penal battalion. He performed the most difficult tasks. In 1944, for the successful execution of combat tasks Semyon Pavlovich was sent to the officer’s school. After finishing school he was in resistant, bloody battles again. The senior Sergeant Matin Semyon fought in 1264 rifle regiment.

For valor and heroism - Matin Semyon Pavlovich was awarded the medal of red Star, the award of Glory III degree, the award of Patriotic war I degree, the medal "For courage" and anniversary medals of WWII.

After the great Patriotic War He came back with a victory and became the chairman of the collective farm in Verkh-Muta. At the moment Matin Semyon lives there. He has 2 children, 3 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren. The old veteran is 92 years old. Every year He celebrates The Victory Day with his countrymen. I am very proud of our veteran and We never forget his feat.

So, I think Victory day was and must remain the lightest holiday. Our forefathers give us the opportunity to live under the peaceful sky now and we mustn`t forget about that. I`m proud of my great-grandfather. Thanks his and other simple soldiers daily feat of arms fascism was defeated!

We bow our thanks the simple soldier, but the real hero!

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