Тест по английскому языку по теме "How different the world is."

Погорелова Ирина Васильевна

Учитель английского языка

МОУ Подгоренская СОШ №1

1. Fill in gaps with the following words:

grows, the Russians, compromise, risk-takers , position, traits, geo­graphy, self-reliant

Can the geographical _______ and environment explain some personality ________of people from different countries? That's a question.

There are stereotypes about the Americans, ______ and the British. I can't agree with them.

The British are supposed to be polite, to have a passion for lawns of grass and to like______. But my mother is always extremely polite, ____ flowers and has lawns. She prefers compromise than a quarrel.

The Americans are supposed to be _____ and optimists. My father is a risk-taking person. He is sure that nothing is impossible for a willing heart. Besides he is tough and _____. Though neither he nor his ancestors were Americans.

My conclusion.... My opinion is that people are alike in different countries .... in spite of _____.

2. Fill in the gaps with the / -

  1. I would like to visit _____ Northern Africa one day.

  2. _______ Russia is a faraway country, where mostly bears live.

  3. Last year I was in the USA and saw _____ Niagara Fall.

  4. This winter we are going to ski in _______ Urals.

  5. Every immigrant wants to see _______America of his dream.

  6. We went for a night walk to discover _______different New York.

  7. They spent summer holidays on the popular resort at _______Black Sea.

  8. _______Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world.

  9. I am planning to go through ______Sahara on a motorbike.

  10. In my childhood I used to spend summer in _______Crimea.

3. Change these questions into polite reported questions.

  1. "Are you with me?"

  2. "Do you read a lot?"

  3. "Where did you find the money?".

  4. "Why are you still here?"

  5. "Have you seen this film already?"

  6. "How much do you smoke"

  7. "When did you visit Italy last time?"

  8. "Are you going to do your homework?"

  9. "How long have you been staying in Moscow?"

  10. "What is your real name, pal?"

4. Divide these words into four columns.

Bicycle, capable, charge, get, park, ago, nice, cut, huge, gym, parents, game, source, see, heard, belt, he, deer, hear, first, six, five, door, floor, home, stop, hot, pure.


5. Words.

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