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A letter from New York.

Scott has written a letter to his friend, Mark, in Denver.

95 66th Road,

Forest Hills, NY. 11375

Dear Mark,

Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear all the news from Denver. Your new girl sounds OK. I’m sorry I haven’t written till now. We’ve been so busy these last two months.

First I hated it here in New York, but I have some friends now and it isn’t so bad. Our part of Queens is OK, I guess, but I was shocked when I saw the terrible houses where some people have to live. Our neighbors here are friendly, but they’re always in a hurry. And in Manhattan there are so many people day and night. You should see the subway in the early morning or late afternoon.

The subway is very big and fast but I don’t like using it very much. The trains and stations are dirty – with graffiti on the walls, sings and even on the seats.

And it’s dangerous at night because there are so many muggings. I haven’t traveled then, of course. But I just have to tell you about something funny that happened when I was in the subway with Donna last week.

The train was very full. Donna got on the first, but then some people rushed on the train in front of me. I couldn’t get on. The door closed and the train left. I didn’t know what I should do. I got on the next train uptown. When I arrived at the next station I saw Donna on the other platform. She was waiting for a train downtown. I jumped off my train and ran – but I was too late. Donna saw me, but the door closed. The train left without me again. This time I stayed till Donna came back.

Say hello to all the kids at Jackson High.

Take care,


  1. 1. Who sent a letter first – Scott or Mark?

2. Does Scott like everything in New York?

3. Do all the people in Queens live in nice houses?

4. Does Scott enjoy traveling on the New York subway?

5. When’s it sometimes dangerous on the subway?

6. Who got on the train first –Donna or Scott?

7. Did Donna find Scott again?

  1. 1. How long has Scott been in New York now?

2. When’s the subway very full?

3. Find more facts about subway.

4. How often did Donna travel between the two stations before she met Scott again?

C. Find words in the text that are opposites of : loved, empty, slow, nothing, walked slowly, opened, with.

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