Уровневые задания к текстам для 7 класса.

Text 6
Read the text.
A lot of children in different countries have pen friends (друзья по переписке). Here is a letter written by Johny Atkins to his pen friend from Russia.
Dear Denis,
Hi! My name's Johny Atkins. I like sports! My favorite is basketball. Have you heard of the NBA? Well, there is a really good player in it named Anfernee ‘Penny’ Hardaway. He plays for a team called Orlando Magic. I admire his basketball skills. Any way I play other sports too. Soccer, swimming and chess. I love to go to the movies! My favorite is «The Nutty Professor». I also like to go shopping with my friends. I have a mom and a dad. I’m not an only child. I have a sister, Jessica. She’s crazy about boyfriends. I also have a really cute dog! It’s a she and her name is Sweetie Pie. I love her dearly! She’s 3 years old. Do you have any pets?
I was born on September 24. How old are you and when is your birthday? I’m in the 7th grade. I have math, PE, science, and Spanish. But my favorites are language, arts, and PE. I get only A’s (5) and B’s (4) in my report. Do you have to wear a uniform for your school? We don’t. We wear things like jeans and sweaters. What do you do after school? At our school, we have clubs and activities after school. I’m an editor of the yearbook. My friends are in the same interest class with me. I have many friends. My best friends are Leon and Steve. They are really nice and reliable. We have many of the same hobbies. Our hobbies are listening to music, playing sport games and telling secrets. Tell me about your friends.
I’d like to know more about where you live. I’ve never been to Russia before.
I like having pen pals (друзья по переписке). How about you? Will you be my friend?

1 Level – mark «3»
1. Выбери правильный вариант ответа.
1. Johny’s favourite sport is ................................... .
a) chess b) basketball c) football
2. Johny has a really cute ...................................... .
a) dog b) cat c) hamster
3. He is in the ............... grand.
a) 6th b) 8th c) 7th
2. Переведите следующие слова и выражения на русский язык.
favorite sports – school uniform –
good player – hobby –
swimming – secrets –
3. Выпишите из текста следующее:
1. John’s best friends: ___________________________________________________________
2. John’s pet: ___________________________________________________________
3. John’s favorite movie: ___________________________________________________________

2 Level – mark «4»
1. Complete the sentences.
1. Johny likes to go shopping with...................... .
a) his friends b) his mom and dad c) his sister
2. Johny’s dog is ............. years old.
a) 3 b) 4 c) 5
3. They wear things like ...................................... to school.
a) T-shirts and shorts b) jeans and sweaters c) trousers and shirts
2. Match the words.
Anfernee ‘Penny” Hardaway friends
Jessica player
Sweetie Pie movie
Leon and Steve sister
«The Nutty Professor» pet
3. Answer the following questions.
1. How do you know that Johny is a good pupil?
2. What are his favourite subjects at school?
3. Does he wear uniform for his school?
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