Контрольная работа цикл 2, класс 5 УМК Биболетовой

Крысова Елена Анатольевна,

учитель английского языка,

МОАУ СОШ № 8 г. Кирова

Контрольная работа по английскому языку

УМК М. З. Биболетовой 5-6 класс

Класс - 5, цикл – 2

1. Выбери правильное слово:

1. I … going to take a new photo

a) am b) is c) are

2. My sister and brother ….not going to play basketball.

a) am b) is c) are

3. … your mother going to cook tasty dinner?

a) am b) is c) are

4. When … ….. going to discuss their plans?

a) the children are b) are the children c) the children

5. The Head Teacher went into the classroom, …

a) will not he? b) does he? c) didn’t he?

6. They will stay with the British families, …

a) will not they? b) will they? c) they will?

7. The students were not ready for the lesson, …

a) were we? b) were they? c) weren’t they?

8. My cat is very nervous, ….

a) is he? b) isn’t she? c) isn’t it?

9. Your little brother swims fast, …

a) can he b) do he? c) does he?

10. Our … football team plays well.

a) social b) local c) educational

11. The Russian students will …. with the British families in London.

a) stay b) invite c) spend

12. The teacher will be …. for the social programme.

a) tired b) sure c) responsible

13. We got an …. letter from our English friends.

a) educational b) invitation c) situation

14. They met a …. of students in the street.

a) head b) school c) group

15. We have …. plans for the weekend.

a) their b) our c) your

16. They … a date and time of the picnic.

a) meet b) cost c) arrange

17. I’m going … the dacha.

a) to b) out c) for

18. The British …. Stay in a hotel.

a) programme b) partners c) head

19. We’d like to …. to Great Britain.

a) arrange b) travel c) stay with

20. We’re going … with our friends next weekend.

a) to b) out c) at

2.. Подбери синонимы к словам:

1) Saturday and


a) seven days

b) weekend

c) rest

2) a picnic

a) a day off

b) a party in the

open air

c) a plan

3) a programme

а) a card

b) a letter

с) a plan of doing something

4) a group

a) some people

b) a form

c) a partner

5) a student

a) a parent

b) a teacher

c) a pupil

6) bright

a) happy

b) clever

c) big

7) to arrange

a) to go out

b) to organize

c) to think

8) to study

a) to learn

b) to invite

c) to read

9) to start

a) to begin

b) to stop

c) to stay

10) to stay

a) to miss

b) to have

c) to live

3.. Прочитай текст и выполни задание:

A. Bob is an English boy, he is 12. Bob’s family has a small house in the

country. The place is very nice. There is a green forest near the country.

There is a big and clean lake near the house.

B. Last summer Bob’s family spent summer holidays in the country house.

Every morning Bob got up at 6 o’clock, had breakfast and went to the lake.

He swam and fished there.

C. One morning Bob went to the lake to fish. Soon his pail was full of fish. The

weather was fine. It was hot and sunny.

D. Bob thought:” I will swim in the lake first. Then I’ll go home and have

lunch. I’ll have take the fish home and ask my Mum to cook fish soup”

E. Bob swam and played in the lake for 2 hours. When he came out of the

water, there was no fish in the pail. …







  1. What did Bob want to have for lunch?

  2. Where does Bob live in summer?

  3. What was the weather like one morning?

  4. What did Bob do in summer?

  5. Was his fish in the pail?






Bob’s family has a country house near the lake.


There is a big green forest near the country house.


Bob’s family spent winter holidays in the country.


Every day Bob had lunch at home.


Bob swam and fished in the lake


One morning the weather was windy and cold.


Bob’s pail was green.


Bob’s Mum’ll cook fish soup for lunch.


Bob played in the lake for 2 hours.


Bob’s cat took the fish out of the pail.

4. Напиши, что собираются делать члены твоей семьи в зимние каникулы: (используя оборот to be going to do)

1) I.....

2) My brother / sister....

3) My mother....

4) My father....

5) My grandmother and grandfather....

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