Контрольная работа за 3 четверть по теме "Living together" к учебнику М.З. Биболетовой "Enjoy English" для 5-6 классов Unit 7

Контрольная работа за 3 четверть

К учебнику “Enjoy English” Биболетовой М.З.

6 класс Unit 7

Составила: Берг Наталья Валерьевна, учитель английского языка, СОШ № 21 г. Раменское МО

  1. Complete the sentences with a/an, the or no article.

  1. Once there lived … king. … king had … daughter. … daughter had … kitten. …king, … princess and … kitten lived in … very beautiful palace. … palace was on … Thames. 2. What … cold day! 3. What … wonderful weather! 4.What … interesting books! 5. I have never seen such … beautiful girl. 6. … weather in … south of … Russia is sunny and warm. 7. Could you pass me … salt, please? 8. I have never eaten such … tasty soup. 9. It’s … most difficult text I have ever translated. 10. What … angry dog!

  1. Ask 5 types of questions to each sentence.

  1. Tom is eating a pizza at the moment.

  2. They have been to Wales this year.

  3. Ann wrote a poem yesterday.

  1. Make negative sentences.

  1. It snows in August.

  2. It snowed two days ago.

  3. We have been to the Zoo this week.

  4. They bought a new car last year.

  5. My sister is watching TV now.

  1. Choose the correct item.

  1. Peter never … football.

  1. plays B. doesn’t play C. don’t play

  1. He … just washed his bike.

  1. have B. has C is

  1. Have you ever … poems?

  1. translate B. to translate C. translated

  1. your friends visited you yet? Yes, … … .

  1. Has, he has B. Have, they have C. Do, they do

  1. now?

  1. Is it rain B. Does it rain C. Is it raining

  1. He’s never been to Moscow, …?

  1. Is he B. has he C. hasn’t he

  1. Mary … the film yesterday.

  1. has seen B. saw C. will see

  1. Who … his address?

  1. to know B. know C. knows

  1. children don’t go to school.

  1. Greens B. The Green’s C. The Greens’

  1. The delegation … already … at the station.

  1. arrives B. arrived C. has arrived

  1. A. Translate from Russian into English. В. Translate from English into Russian

  1. Выбросить мусор 1. Set the table

  2. Пудинг,соль, перец 2. Sweep the floor

  3. Двоюродная сестра 3. A wife and a husband

  4. Дом (семейный очаг, семья) 4. Have a sweet tooth

  5. Племянница 5. My elder sister

  6. Убрать со стола 6. A block of flats

  1. Read the text and answer the questions.

British Homes

There are 22 million homes in Britain - big homes and small homes, old cottages and new buildings, houses and flats. (Americans say "apartment" but British people say "flat"). Many British people love old houses and these are often more expensive than modern ones. They also love gardening and you will see gardens everywhere you go: in towns, villages and out in the country. Some are very small with just one tree and a few flowers. Others are big with a lot of flowers and enough vegetables and fruit trees. Two third of the families in Britain own their houses. Millions of these houses are the same with two or three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, dining-room and kitchen downstairs. To pay for their house, home owners borrow money from a "building society" and pay back a little every month. There are a great many different kinds of homes in Britain, but there are not enough! It is often very difficult for young people to find a home when they want to start a family. British homes are usually smaller than American homes. But like in America, in Britain the older generation of the family and their married children do not usually live together.

  1. There are 22 million homes in Britain, aren’t there?

  2. Which houses are expensive in Britain?

  3. Are the British fond of gardening?

  4. What can we see in their gardens?

  5. How many British people have their own houses?

  6. Are the houses in Britain alike?

  7. How many rooms are there in British houses?

  8. Where do the owners of the house take money to pay for their house?

  9. Are British homes bigger than American homes?

  10. In Britain the older generation of the family and their married children usually live together, don’t they?


  1. Грамматика Английского языка, Сборник упражнений, Часть 2, 5-6 классы Е.А. Барашкова к учебнику М.З. Биболетовой «Enjoy English. 5-6»

  2. Грамматика английского языка Проверочные работы Е.А. Барашкова к учебнику М.З. Биболетовой «Enjoy English. 5-6»

3 http://www.native-english.ru/topics/british-homes

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