Контрольная работа за 3 четверть для 9 класс

Передериенко Екатерина Михайловна

Учитель английского языка

МАОУ СО школа №45 г. Калининград

Контрольная работа для 9 класса. 3 четверть

Task 1. Choose the right word: a. conflict b. conservative c. peacefully d. separatists e. disagree f. reunion g. signs h. human i. wheelchair j. prevent k. discrimination l. tolerant

1. Old people are usually ____________than young people.

2. Are you planning to have a family _________________at Christmass?

3. People who are unable to walk use a _____________________

4. What mathematical ____________did you learn?

5. It listed 29 different ______________rights: protection against cruel punishment, ___________________against racism.

6. People must ____________war conflicts.

7. We must to be _____________ with each other.

8. Spanish ___________are very dangerous.

9. When people ______________with each other, they may have _____________.

10. We can resolve all conflicts ___________.

Task2. Use the words to form new words that fit in the same numbered space in the text.

1. I am more ______ on this point OPTIMIST

2. We need some ___________against religious discrimination. PROTECT

3. ________movements have caused a lot of serious military conflicts. SEPARATE

4.The constitiution guarantees the _______of people of different ethnic groups in the eyes of the law EQUAL

5. We should use all possible_________ means to resolve conflict. PEACE

6. All forms of war conflicts are ____________. HUMAN

Task 3. Complete the words with the letters:


  2. C_NFLI_T


  4. ET_NIC

  5. V_OL_NCE



  8. TERR_RI_M



  11. T_RRO_ISM

  12. EQ_ALIT_


  1. He would have understood it if you...slowly.

a) have spoken; b) had spoken; c) would speak

  1. If I knew that the traffic lights were red I...

a) would have stopped; b) stopped; c) would stop

  1. The newspaper would print the story if it...true.

a) were; b) had been; c) was

  1. If I had known that you were in hospital I...you.

a) will visit; b)visited; c) would have visited


  1. If he were in, he (answer) the phone.

  2. He would have been the best pupil in the class if he (work) harder.

  3. If you (pass) your examination, we would have a celebration.

  4. I wouldn't have gone there if I (be) you.

  5. If he knew that it was dangerous he (not, come).

Task6. The following sentences are direct speech. Complete each sentence below using reported speech.

  1. Be ready! At 5 o`clock we must be at business centre”, said Angela.

  2. I asked, “Where has Tom gone?”

  3. I am sorry, I am late. I lost my way”, he said to our guide.

  4. Gerry asked, “Can you lend me some money?”

  5. There is no paper in the box”, she said.

  6. He said, “I am living in London now.”

Task 7. Fill in the correct preposition and translate the sentences.

a)up b)on c)along d)over e)down f)off

1. They dont get …… with each other.

2. The bus driver will tell you where to get ….. .

3. Please put the knife ….. on the table before you hurt somebody.

4. The girl put …… her black velvet dress.

5. the concert is put …….. till next week.

6. She is still trying to get ….. a shock.

7. I dont know how she puts …… with her sons fights.

8. Could you please put the light…..?

Список использованной литературы.

1.Дзюина Е.В. Поурочные разработки по английскому языку к УМК Биболетовой М.З. и др. «Enjoy English» 9 класс – М.: ВАКО, 2012.-288 с.

2. УМК Биболетовой М.З. и др. «Enjoy English» 9 класс

3. Рабочая тетрадь №1, №2 Биболетова М.З. и др. «Enjoy English» 9 класс

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