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Контрольная работа по теме “Oбразование” 7 класс.

1 Task. Listening

Listen to the interview with Angela Bryan who teachers English in a secondary school in London. Answer the questions:

  1. Does Ms Bryan like her job? Give your reasons.

  2. Is she a strict teacher?

  3. What is special about the way Ms Bryan teaches English literature.

2 Task. Grammar

Open the brackets and complete the text.

Now 1(1) (to have) a well-paid job because I got good education. I am going (2) _(to tell) you how it all (3) (to begin)

My parents (4) to send) rme to boarding

school at the age of ten. They (5) (to choose) it

for years. Before I left home, I| (6) (to give) some

spending money. That time I | (7) (not to know) if

I needed it. Of course, my father told me (8) (to

obey) the teachers. My parentis (9) (never, to send)

me away on my own before, So I felt a little nervoius on the train.

When I got on the train, I found that it (10) (tobe) cold there. Unfortunately I | (11) (to leave) my jacket at home. For three hours I (12) (to think) if

someone (13) (to pick) me up at thee station. Luck­ily I (14) (to pick) up and taken to school. A nice teacher showed me my room. . when I came into it, I realised that I (15)(to share) ) it with other boys! I was shocked be­cause nobody (16) (to tell) me about it. Then some boys took me round the school and irvited (17) (to play) football. While I (18) )(to play) that game

with my new friends I had an idea that (19)(to be) happy there. You know, those boys (20) (to be) my friends since then.

3 Task. Reading

Read the text and complete it filling the blanks (1-8) with the missing parts of the sentences (a-i). One of the parts is extra. Fill in the table after the text.

Matilda at School

Matilda was a little (1) . Most children begin

Primary School at five or even just before, but Matilda's parents,

(2) , have forgotten to make special arrangements

in advance. She was five and a half when she entered school for the first time.

The village school for younger children was a depressing

brick building (3) . It had about two hundred and

fifty pupils aged from five to just under twelve years old. The Head teacher, the boss, the supreme commander of this establishment,

was a formidable middle-aged lady (4) Naturally

Matilda was put in the bottom class, where there were eighteen other small boys and girls about the same age as hers. Their

teacher was called Miss Honey, and (5) . She had

a lovely pale oval Madonna face with blue eyes and her hair was light-brown. Her body was slim and fragile, so one got the feeling

that (6) she would smash into a thousand pieces,

like a porcelain figure.

Miss Jennifer Honey was a mild and quiet person, who never raised her voice and was seldom seen to smile, but there was no doubt she possessed that rare gift to being adored by (7) . She seemed to understand totally the bewil­derment and fear that so often overwhelm young children who for the first time in their lives are herded into a classroom and told to obey orders. Some curious warmth that was almost tangible shone out of Miss Honey's face when (8) .









  1. she could not have been more than twenty-three or twen' four

  2. if she fell over

  3. late in starting school

  4. called Crunchem Hall Primary School

  5. she spoke to a confused and homesick newcomer to t class

  6. having a short break

  7. whose name was Miss Trunchbull

  8. every small child under her care

  9. who weren't very concerned about her education

4 Task.Writing

Write down an essey and discuss the following question:

-Do you think school uniforms are a good idea.

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