Тест "Grammer Test" для учеников 3 класса с углубленным изучением английского языка

I. Подчеркни правильный вариант

  1. I (am, is, are) at the Zoo.
  2. We (is, are, am0 from Scotland.
  3. My sister (have got, has got) a ball.
  4. My brother and I9 have got, has got.
  5. The cat (like, likes, liking)to play with my toys.
  6. My father (works, working, work) at the factory.
  7. Look! Billy (skate, skates, skating, is skating).
  8. We (write, are writing, writes) a composition now.
  9. There (is, are) two children in the room.
  10.  There (is, are) an orange on the table.
  11. I’ve got (a, an, -) apple.
  12. There (some, any) milk in the cup.
  13. We haven’t got (some, any) milk in the fridge.
  14. How (much, many) salt do you need?
  15. There aren’t (much, many) pears in the bag?
  16.  My little brother has got two (tooth, tooths, teeth).
  17. My birthday is (in, on0 October.
  18. (Ann, Ann’s) toys are in the box.
  19. How old (are you, you are)?

II. Вставьте пропуски there is, there are, there was, there were.

  1. ______________ some orange juice in the glass?
  2. ______________ some children in the gym?
  3. _______________ two spoons on the table, where are they now?
  4. ______________ a chair in the room last week?
  5. _____________two apples in the basket. Who took them?

III. Reading Comprehension.

My school.

I am 8 and go to school. My school is new and very big. There are many classrooms in it. There is a yard in front of my school. The garden is behind it. There are many trees and flowers in the garden. We have a beautiful English classroom. It is very comfortable. There is a blackboard, ten desks and the teacher’s table in it. We usually read texts, sing songs, write exercises and do many other interesting things on the lesson. I like my school, classmates and our English lessons.

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