Презентация по английскому языку для 8-9 кл. "Условные предложения"

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Автор: Денисенко Елена Николаевна Место работы: г. Новороссийск, МАОУ гимназия №6 Должность: _учитель английского языка Презентация по английскому языку по теме «Условные предложения»
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Conditional sentences
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Zero conditional Одно событие следует за другим- чем-то всегда истинным if = when If clause IF+ PRESENT SIMPLE If you freeze water, Main clause PRESENT SIMPLE it turns into ice. If you speak English well, you have a chance to get a well-paid job. If you …
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1 st Conditional 1. Используем, когда говорим о возможных событиях в БУДУЩЕМ, которые зависят от других If clauseбудущих событий: Main clause IF+ PRESENT SIMPLE WILL/WON`T + INFINITIVE WITHOUT TO If you don`t change your you will have heart life stile, attack. If the rain stops, The match will begin. If Alice is late, We won`t wait for her long. Возможны и другие (с другими модальными варианты: глаголами)
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1 st Conditional 1. Используем, когда говорим о возможных событиях в БУДУЩЕМ, которые зависят от других будущих событий: If clause Возможны и другие варианты: If you have time, Main clause (с другими модальными глаголами) We CAN walk home today.
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1 st Conditional 2. Также используется, когда мы хотим дать совет, приказание выдвинуть предложение: If clause Main clause IF+ PRESENT SIMPLE IMPERATIVE ПОВЕЛИТЕЛЬНОЕ НАКЛОНЕНИЕ if you have problems, If you are late for the last train If you feel unwell call me at once. (imperative) take a taxi! go to bed!
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unless -1 если не; пока не -2 кроме, исключая, за исключением • Иногда в Zero и 1st conditional используется Unless + present simple когда мы говорим о событиях, которые могут случиться, если только кто-то Main clause Unless+ present этому не помешает. simple She always comes to work, We are always ready to help, unless she is seriously ill. unless it is not too late.
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2nd Conditional 1. используется, когда мы говорим о выдуманных, нереальных или маловероятных событиях В БУДУЮЩЕМ: If clause Main clause IF+ PAST Would/should(редко)/co uld/might + infinitive without TO If I were a gold fish, I would live in a beautiful aquarium. If you were not late you could get home for the last train, without troubles. If he failed the we all would be so exam, surprised
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2nd Conditional 2. используется, когда мы говорим о нереальных или невозможных событиях В настоящем: If clause Main clause IF+ PAST Would/should(редко)/coul d/might + infinitive without TO If I were not I would not be ion a diet overweight, now. If we had a villa in we would spend our Caribbian, holidays there.
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3rd Conditional 1. используется, когда мы говорим о нереальных ситуациях В ПРОШЛОМ: мы выдумываем вещи, которые не случились на If clause деле. Main clause самом IF+ PAST PERFECT! Would/should/could/might + have + V3 ! If I had entered a university (when I was young), If I had known the truth before, If he hadn`t broken that window, I could have become a professor now. I would not have helped that terrible man! he wouldn`t have been taken to police station, wouldn`t have been late for work and would `t have
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Повторяем! Zero conditional Последоват ельные события, истина, правила… Present simple If you eat much you put on weight. 1st conditional Будущее. Present simple/will (can, may) when you see that guy, you will be surprised! Совет, приказание Present If it is late, simple/impera go home! tive 2nd conditional невозможно Past/would + ев V1 будущем невозможно ев настоящем If you saw a ghost you would be so frightened!
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Нулевой тип условных. Раскройте скобки 1. If you (to love) nature you never ( to throw) litter outdoors. 2. If I (to get up) late I usually (to have) a headache. 3. If you (not to eat) long you (to get) weak. 4. If you (to boil) ice it (to melt) and (to turn) into water. 5. When you (to speak) your vocal chords (to vibrate). 6. When a storm (to begin) people ( to shelter) in their homes.
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Первый тип условных. Раскройте скобки 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. If we (to walk) to the park we (to feed) some birds there. If they (to go) to the disco they (to listen) to loud music. If I (to go) to the theatre I (to watch) an interesting play. If you (to study) hard you (to pass) this exam. If you (to wear) these trousers you (to look) a bit strange. If you (to play) this composition your guests (be pleased). 7. If David (to forget) his umbrella I (to give) him mine. 8. If the sun (to shine) all day we (to go) to the beach. 9. If he (to have) a temperature he (to see) the doctor.
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Второй тип условных. Раскройте скобки 1. If I (to see) Mary, I would (to be) really glad to meet her. 2. If Rachael (to be) rich, she (to study) at a foreign college. 3. If it (to snow) now, it (to be) really difficult to get to the country for us. 4. surprised? 5. If somebody (to rob) your house, what (to do) you? 6. If I ever (to get) married, I (to do) it only of love. 7. If I (to have) enough money, I (buy) a country cottage.
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Третий тип условных. Раскройте скобки 1. If he (to study) harder, he (to pass) his test better then. 2. If we (to begin) the work earlier, we (to have) more time. 3. Lena (to buy) the milk if she (forget) about it. 4. They (not to get) into that accident if Jim (not to drive ) so fast. 5. The dogs(to get out) if the door (to be) locked. 6. If Jenny (to ask) me about the matter I (to answer) all her questions. 7. I (to call) the police if I (to see) those robbers again.
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Определите тип условного предложения • If I were you I would tell him about their plan. • If he had come yesterday we would have met him. • If this story were not interesting I wouldn`t read it! • If we had come a minute later, we would not have seen the matter. • If it rains hard for a long time water runs along the streets. • If I have some free time I will call on you.
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