Презентация к уроку-игре по английскому языку "Winner" по теме "Спорт" в 8 классе

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Презентация по теме « Sport» для 8 классов к УМК В.П. Кузовлева Автор: Гилязетдинова Наталья Александровна МКОУ СОШ №4 г. Миньяр учитель английского языка
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Grammar Pig in a poke Words Quiz Reading tasks
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Connect the words correctly Track Track and and field field events events Boating Boating Weight Weight lifting lifting Mountaineering Mountaineering Hurdle Hurdle races races Paralympics Paralympics тяжёлая тяжёлая атлетика атлетика альпинизм альпинизм бег бег сс препятствиями препятствиями игры игры для для инвалидов инвалидов гребля гребля на на лодках лодках лёгкая лёгкая атлетика атлетика
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Find as many words as possible. mo u n t a i n e e r i n g o t l t y o mm p o i g c b d g s g r a c s h t e a mr p t i v o g n g m t b e l d r u h p a r a l y m p i c o d e b r u d e k l i c o h l o s n i u o w k o w i g n m r l o s d a s i o d u j e j c r n g j f u i r n y i f s mh h e h e p o t h o l i n g
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     Sport A lot of people never exercise. They often eat the wrong food as well. These people become unhealthy. In our family all of us are careful about our food and exercise a lot. My dad and brother run five kilometres every day. They are very healthy. They like swimming and running. My father doesn't drink any alcohol and he never smokes. My mum and I do aerobics at the weekend. I always eat some fruit for breakfast: an apple and an orange. I eat a lot of vegetables, but I never eat any sugar. It's very bad for teeth. My brother does a lot of sports: swimming, cycling, yoga and jogging. He likes swimming, because it is good for the back. Cycling is good for the legs, and it's relaxing. Yoga is good for breathing. It's also very relaxing. Jogging is good for losing weight, and also very good for breathing. It's very good for the heart, too. Tennis is fun, and very exciting. It's very good for arms and legs. I like it a lot.
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Answer the the following following Answer questions. questions. 1.What 1.What do do the the father father and and the the brother brother do do every every morning? morning? 2. 2. How How do do the the daughter daughter and and the the mother mother keep keep fit? fit? 3. 3. What What sports sports does does the the brother brother go go in in for? for? 4. 4. What What is is yoga yoga good good for? for? 5. 5. What What is is jogging jogging good good for? for? 6.The 6.The father father smokes smokes and and drinks drinks alcohol, alcohol, doesn’t doesn’t he? he?
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1. This kind of games is for people with a physical disability . 2. In this kind of sport the sportsman jumps up and down on a sheet of material. 3. It is a kind of football game, where players can handle a ball. 4. This game is called an English football. 5. This game is played at the dark green table with a small sort of a ball by two or four people.
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Расскажите, что вы знаете о  Расскажите, что вы знаете о Present Perfect  Present Perfect  Passive Passive Для чего он употребляется? Для чего он употребляется? Какое время в русском языке передаёт? Какое время в русском языке передаёт? Какая его формула? Какая его формула? Какие вспомогательные слова Какие вспомогательные слова при нём существуют? при нём существуют? Приведите пример. Приведите пример. Проверьте себя. 1. Present Perfect Passive служит для передачи действия, которое совершается над чем-то или кем-то с прошлого и по настоящий момент. 2. В русском языке передаёт настоящее время. 3. Have/has been +V3 4. since –с; for-в течение. 5. English has been learned since the 5 th form.
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1). Our team hasn’t won the game …2 weeks. a). for b). since c). in 2). He has been working …5 o’clock a). Since b). for c). 3). I haven’t heard from him … a long time. a). Since b). For c). In 4).The books … to the library today. a). Have been return b). have been returned c). has been returned 5). …the Rider Cup… since 1877? a). Has been…held b). Has…been held c). Did… have been held
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1. 1. The The Football Football Association Association has has held held the the FA FA Cup Cup th competitions competitions for for the the middle middle of of the the 19 19th century. century. 2.Running 2.Running competitions competitions has has been been held held since since ancient ancient times. times. 3.Since 3.Since when when time time has has the the Rider Rider Cup Cup been been held? held? 4.The 4.The standard standard game game (Rugby (Rugby Union) Union) has has played played by by teams teams of of 15. 15. 5. 5. The The Tour Tour de de France France cycling cycling race race has has been been held held for for 1926. 1926.
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Answer the following questions • When do most schools in England have a sports day? • Where do all children go if their school has no playing-field? • How is that day organized? • Which competitions do they take part in? • Do we have the similar events at our school?
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Choose the right variant. 1. Cricket is played by two teams of… A).15 women b). 15 men c). 11 men 2). Cricket players usually wear… A). White clothes b). Black clothes c). Green clothes 3). Cricket matches last from… A). 1 to 5 hours b). 1 to 5 days c).1 to 5 weeks 4). The Cup Final is played in… A). Wimbledon b). Derby c). London 5). Rugby is a form of… A). Hockey b). Football c).baseball
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Choose the right variant. 1.Golf began to develop in… A). England b). Scotland c). Wales 2). The most famous tennis tournament is held in… a). Wimbledon b). Derby c). London 3). The derby is… A). A horse race b). a boat race c). A tennis race 4). The annual Oxford-Cambridge boat race takes place on the river… A). Cam b). Avon c). Thames 5). The most popular spectator sport in Britain is… A). Baseball b). Hockey c). football
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Each team must have 11 players. The 2 teams should wear different Colours. Only the goalkeeper Is allowed to play the ball With his hands or arms. Each team must have 6 players. The server may hit the ball With his hand or any part of the arm. He must release the ball from his Other hand before hitting it. Players must not touch the net. Competitors should wear a crash hat. They Must not stop another competitors from Overtaking. Competitors are not allowed To help each other. They may eat and drink During the event. The 2 contestants must wear white clothes. ach team should have up to 7 players. They must only attack the arms and legs of the Opponent. They should not get overexcited. nly 6 of whom are allowed to ay at the same time. Players must wear kates and numbered shirts. Each team must have up to 10 players, only 5 ntestants are weighed before the contest. whom may play at the same time. the ball ma e contestants’ assistants must leave be thrown but it must not carried or kicked. e ring before the fight begins. Sportsmen must A team must try for a goal within 30 seconds. ar gloves and must not hit the other on the neck.
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Coaches Coaches Mr Mr Red,Mr Red,Mr Black Black and and Mr Mr Grey Grey are are 3 3 Aussie Aussie Footy Footy coaches coaches with with the the Bourketown Bourketown football football Club. Club. They They have have red, red, black black and and grey grey hair hair but but no no coach coach has has the the same same hair hair colour colour as as his his name. name. if if II tell tell you you that that Mr Mr Grey Grey doesn’t doesn’t have have black black hair, hair, it it should should be be simple simple for for you you to to tell tell me me what what colour colour each each coach’s coach’s hair hair is. is. Keys: Mr Grey – red, Mr Black – grey, Mr Red – grey.
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Close Close finish finish The The 4*100 4*100 m m relay relay was was exciting exciting and and close close race. race. Ranita’s Ranita’s team team finished finished 2 2m m in in front front of of David’s David’s team. team. Janell’s Janell’s team team finished finished ahead ahead of of antony’s antony’s team. team. Antony’s Antony’s team team was was 2 2m m ahead ahead of of Ronita’s. Ronita’s. Melissa’s Melissa’s team team finished finished second second last. last. Can Can you you work work out out the the finishing finishing order order for for all all the the relay relay teams? teams? Keys:1st – Janelle, 2nd – Antony, 3rd – Ronita, 4th – Melissa, 5th – David.
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Список использованных ресурсов: 1. Книга для ежедневного чтения на английском языке. 8 класс. Сост. М.И. Дубровин. Изд. 2-е, М., «Просвещение», 1971. 2. «Методическая мозаика» (приложение к журналу ИЯШ), №5/ 2005г. 3. Учебник English-8/ В.П. Кузовлев, Н.М. Лапа – М.:Просвещение, 2008г.

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