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Выполнила Учитель английского языка МОУ «СОШ» №64 Благинина Екатерина Александровна
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A popular tourist route that includes ancient Russian towns and cities: Moscow, TroitseSergiyev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Yaroslavl, Palekh, Ivanovo, Kostroma, Vladimir, Rostov The Greattowns and Suzdal. These formerly comprised the region known as Zalesye.
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These ancient towns preserve the memory of the most important and significant events in Russian history. The towns have been called "open air museums" and feature unique monuments of Russian architecture of the 12th–18th centuries, including kremlins, monasteries, cathedrals, and churches. These towns are among the most picturesque in Russia.
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Троице-Сергиев Посад - an ancient town in the Moskow region that is known for the Lavra. The town has been known since 1340.
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An old Russian monastery that was founded by Sergij of Radonezh in the mid-fourteenth century. It is an important religious centre of the Russian Church.
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• The unique museum of ancient paintings and folk art • An old Russian monastery -the Lavra • The magnificent cathedral in the Lavra • Folk songs
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An ancient Russian town in the Yaroslavl region that was founded in 1153. Peter I often visited Pereslavl -Zalessky because he built boats of the first Russian flotilla on Lake Pleshcheyevo near the town.
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• The Botik (small boat) museum which chronicles the history of the first Russian fleet and keeps one of the original model boats. • Ancient churches • Unique wooden sculptures • The music of the bells.
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PereslavlZalessky is known for white its historic buildings, including: • The stone Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral • Church of Metropolitan Peter • Troitse-Danilov Monastery (16th–18th centuries); • Nikitsky Monastery (16th–19th centuries); • Feodorovsky Monastery (16th–19th centuries); • Goritsky Monastery (17th–18th centuries).
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An ancient Russian town in the Yaroslavl region that has been known since 862. The town is part of the Golden Ring of Russia. It is famous for its ancient churches, the Kremlin and museums.
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The Rostov Kremlin Assumption Cathedral The Rostov museum Spasko-Yakovlevsky Monastery The museum of Rostov enamel The museum of Russian icons
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The Rostov Kremlin Avraamievsky Monastery t. John the Divine wooden church on Ishna river.
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Troizco-Sergiev Varnezky monastery Spaso - Yakovlevsky monastery
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An ancient Russian city on the River Volga. According to the legend it was founded in 1010 and it has been known since 1071. The city is part of the Golden Ring of Russia.
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*The museum of ValentinaTereshkova, the first woman-cosmonaut *Epiphany church (Tserkov Bogoyavleniya) *Church of Ilia the Prophet (Tserkov Ilii Proroka) *Spaso-Preoprazhensky cathedral *Saint gates (Svyatye vorota) *Spassky monastery
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Kotorosl River in Yaroslavl
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Kostroma is the center of Kostroma region and is located 340 kilometers north east of Moscow. Kostroma was founded in 1152 by Yury Dolgoruky, where the Kostroma river meets Volga river.
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WHAT TO DO IN KOSTROMA. The nicest thing to do in Kostroma is to walk along quiet central streets with trading arcades and wooden houses. You can admire the monastery of St Ipathy, the main architecture and historical attraction of the town. Next to the monastery there's a museum of wooden architecture, that can be interesting if you want to see old Russian izbas (wooden houses) and churches.
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This church is a superb example of the 17thcentury Russian art.
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Palekh The unbelievably colorful art of Palekh is known in all countries of the world. The elegant black-lacquered art pieces represent the heroes of Russian folklore – the amazing fire-birds and the gold-manned troikas. The Palekh miniatures usually represent characters from real life, literary works, fairy tales, bylinas, and songs.
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The art of Palekh miniatures expresses the true national character. Many examples of Palekh art have received recognition at international exhibitions and have become worldknown.
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Suzdal is a small town in Vladimir region and is located 210 kilometers north east of Moscow. It is one of the main orthodox church religious centers in Russia and one of the most ancient Russian towns.
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A picturesque green town, where you can at the same time feel the Russian country life and enjoy walks around fairy tale dome convents. Inside Suzdal the atmosphere is as if nothing had changed since the nineteenth century, goats, chicken and cows graze freely next to the Kremlin and monasteries.
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St. Euthymius Monastery, Transfiguration Cathedral, and Belfry
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WHAT TO DO IN SUZDAL. Walking around, getting lost, entering in the kremlins and monasteries, crossing the stream on wooden bridges, exploring the country side, lying in the grass, eating bliny (russian pancakes), looking what's inside the churches, horse riding, breathing fresh air.
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Vladimir is the center of Vladimir region and is located 179 kilometers east of Moscow. It lies on the shore of Klyazma river.
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one of the oldest Russian cities, was first mentioned in 1108, when the price of Rostov-Suzdal land Vladimir Monomakh decided to fortify the shores of Klyazma river, and founded a town at a place of a small village, giving it his name.
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What to Do in Vladimir In Vladimir you can admire the famous Golden Gate, the main Sobornaya square, St Dimitry's and Assumption cathedrals.
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