Презентация по английскому языку "Hawaii" для 8-11 классов

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Haw aii, the 50 th
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Paci fic Paradi
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Hawaii became part of the Union in 1959. th The 50 The 50th state state is is situated situated in in the the Pacific Pacific
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State Nicknames: Aloha Stat Paradise of the Pacific State Motto: ”The Life of the Land Perpetuated in Capital:is Honolulu Righteousness”
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State Seal: The basic design of Hawaii's state seal has been in use since 1894, but the legend now reads “State of Hawaii” rather than “Republic of Hawaii.”
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The . e n e stat n e ebird isth
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Hawaii's state tree is the kukui, or candlenut.
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The state flower is the hibiscus.
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Hawaii was not always green, sunny paradise. hese islands were born in fire and smoke. A chain of volcanoes slowly grew up under the Pacific
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Tourists Volcanoes climb to the top of the quiet Haleakal a Volcano to see
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The Na Pali coast is a rugged mountainous region on the northwest coast in Hawaii. The nature of Na Pali’s terrain made it impossible to build a road encircling the
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Haleakala National Park, on Maui Island is one of the few locations in the world where the silversword fern can be found. The fern grows
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People from many nations come to live in Hawaii. The newcomers brought new plants and animals. Orchids didn’t always grow on the islands.
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Oahu is sometimes called the Capital Island because the city of Honolulu is located there.
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Iolani Palace in Honolulu, built between 1879 and 1882, was the royal of the last two rulers residence of the Hawaiian Kingdom. It also served as the territorial and state capitol in the past.
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Hawaiians gather in traditional Polynesian dress to dance and celebrate both their origins and the cultural diversity of the islands. Hawaii is the most ethnically diverse state in the United States.
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These dancers, clothed in characteristic long skirts, perform the hula dance.dance, Originally a religious the hula now tells a story through the winding movements of the dancers.
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Hawaii is famous for its large-wave surfing, especially for the notorious swells of the Bonzai Pipeline, where surfers ride waves in excess of 9 m (30 ft) in height.
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Many of Hawaii’s smaller islands are too small for people. The Leeward Islands are a wildlife refuge.
Слайд 20
Breathtaki ng beauty
Слайд 21
Up Up until until now, now, Hawaii’s Hawaii’s islands islands have have kept kept their their natural natural beauty. beauty. How How much much longer longer will will

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