Презентация по английскому языку "Australian Animals" для 7-9-х классов

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Koalas live in Australia.      oalas are small animals. They have small yellow eyes, a round black nose and big ears. Koalas eat only plants. Koalas are made for climbing. They can climb well.
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A hundred species of the kangaroo family live in the open places of Australia. They eat grass and the leaves of small trees. The kangaroo's body is specially built for jumping. This kind of animals has become endangered because of destruction of their habitat. There are special wild – life parks to protect them.
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INGO The dingo is an animal which looks like the domestic dog. It lives in Australia and hunts kangaroos, rabbits, land birds and echidnas. It also runs down and kills sheep and cattle. Like wolves, these animals hunt alone or in packs.
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ossums live in Central and South Australia. They eat insects, berries, fruit, and dog food. Wild possums do not live very long. People kill possums as food.
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Echidna Very few animals bother echidnas because of the spikes on their bodies. The long-nosed echidna, however, is an endangered species. It is hunted for food, and parts of its habitat have been cleared to create farmland. The echidna is one of the unusual Australian animals. Echidnas usually live in forests. The short-nosed echidna is found in Australia and on the nearby islands of Tasmania and New Guinea. In some parts of the world there are parks where echidnas may live in safety.
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What What aa funny funny animal! animal! It has a “bill” like a duck's, webbed feet, and a flat tail like a beaver's! o lives in Australia and Tasmania; o eats insects, worms, crustaceans, mollusks, and tadpoles; o born from eggs; o lives for 10–15 years; o killed by big fish, snakes and people (for their fur); o now protected by law.
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Ostriches live in Australia. People kill ostriches for their plumage. Male ostriches are mostly black, but they have white feathers on the wings and tail. The females are usually brown. Ostriches eat plants and insects. An ostrich egg is the largest egg in the world. It weighs about 1.4 kilograms.
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ckatoos are white and all have a crest. ake their nests in the hollows of trees. ually eat seeds and fruits, but many species also eat i truction of their native habitats and the illegal collect in members of the parrot family have left 0 species threatened with extinction.

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