Урок обучения чтению на английском языке; 11 Класс

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Урок обучения чтению на английском языке Класс 11 Б МБОУ СОШ №68 Учитель Портнихина С. С. г. Липецк 1
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Место урока в цикле уроков 2
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*Познавательный аспект - знакомство с лучшими театрами Лондона и выдающимися мюзиклами. *Развивающий аспект - развитие дедуктивного мышления, способности к анализу, классификации, систематизации, развитие внимания, воображения, развитие способности выстраивать содержание в логической последовательности, способности предвосхищать содержание. * Воспитательный аспект - воспитание чувства сопричастности к мировой культуре, к памятникам литературы и искусства, воспитание потребности в приобщении к мировым шедеврам. 3
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Учебный аспект-развитие умения читать с разными стратегиями, с пониманием основой идеи, поиск особой информации, с детальным пониманием прочитанного. Сопутствующая задача- развитие умения аудировать, развитие умения говорить на основе прочитанного. Речевой материал лексическийmatinee (mats), cast, set, tix, revival “East Enders”, comedian. 4
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Этап урока Речевая подготовка - Britain has recently been described as a “leisure society”. Do you agree with the statement that Britain is really a “leisure society” now? Why do you think so? 5
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Этап урока Речевая подготовка - What style of music do you usually enjoy? Why? 6
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Этап урока Подготовка к постановке Watch проблемного an episodeвопроса and guess what kind of musical performances it is. Видеофрагмент “The Phantom of the Opera” 7
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Этап урока Постановка проблемного вопроса для обсуждения -What is the attitude of people towards musicals in English-speaking countries? - What is the popularity rating of musicals in English-speaking countries? 8
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Проблемный вопрос - Are the British lovers of a musical? 9
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Этап урока Поиск ответа на проблемный вопрос Musical is a story told in large part through musical productions, especially songand-dance performance. Развитие УУД Умение работать со справочной литературой 10
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Этап урока Проверка домашнего задания - How the musical “My Fair Lady” was created? What play was it made up of? 11
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A play consists of two types of words: the words of characters and stage directions. Осознание структуры пьесы 12
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A. Trying his pockets. B. The note taker opens his book and holds it under her nose C. Reads, reproducing her pronunciation exactly. D. He is a young man of twenty, in Put the stage directions in the evening dress, very wet round the ankles. proper place. (reading for detail) E. Disappointed, but thinking three half-pence better than nothing. F. She is perhaps eighteen, perhaps twenty, hardly older. She wears a little sailor hat that has seldom if ever been brushed. Her hair needs washing badly. She has a brown skirt with an apron. Her boots are much the 13 worse for wear.
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Этап урока Поиск ответа на проблемный вопрос - What else should be done to create a musical from a play? “…A good mind can be enriched with the emotional content of the piece – humor, pathos, love, anger – as well as the story itself, the way it’s communicated through the words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole…” Развитие УУД Поиск информации (с использованием сети Интернет) 14
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Этап урока Обучение чтению с разными стратегиями 15
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Этап урока Поиск ответа на проблемный вопрос West End musicals “This show should run forever” Hot tickets. The 'West End' is London's theatreland - home to over forty theatres. London's plays, shows and operas attract around 11 million visitors per year and, with tickets costing around £30 each, they bring a lot of income into the capital. The biggest West End attractions are always musicals. Cats ran for 21 years, and Les Miserables is currently celebrating its 18th year in the West End. Here are some of the hottest tickets in town today. 16
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the set resembles a rock concert and there are plenty of special effects. The story is based on famous songs by Queen . Match the titles of the shows with their It features well known songs such as “I’m getting special characteristics (reading for married in the morning ” and “In the street where details) you live.” the story centers around a poor boy, who becomes a film star and falls in love with a daughter of one of the greatest film directors. The show features modern pop music and dazzling costumes and choreography. 17
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Этап урока Обучение чтению Умение читать театральную афишу 18
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1.How many theatres show musicals in London? (reading for specific information)       ADELPHI 08704030303 Ruthie Henshall returns in the role of "Velma Chicago Mon-Thu 8, Fri 5 & 8.30, Sat 3 & 8         CAMBRIDGE THEATRE 0870 8901Ю2 Final performances-must end 16 Aug Our House “ The hit show based on the hit band "Madness Mon-Sat7.45, Fri 5& 8.30 All tix half- price Fri 5pm 2. Find out what the main newspapers write about the musicals of the current month?  We will rock you (reading for specific information)  ALDWYCH  Fame  0870 400 0805  "Breathtaking" Independent "Infectious energy" Indie London  Mon-Thu 7.30,  Fri 5.30 & 8.30 ,  Half-price tickets Fri 5.30  DOMINION  0870 169 0116  by Queen and Ben Elton  "Magnifico" The Sun  Mon-Sat 7.30, Mat Sat  2.30  DRURY LANE THEATRE ROYAL  0870 890 1Ю9  My Fair Lady 3. Find out the meaning of specific words and  "Probably the greatest musical abbreviations.  of all time"        VICTORIA B0 0870400 650 “London hottest, most exotic new musical” Express Bombey Dreams "A great night out" News of the World Tues-Sat 7.45, Dally Telegraph  Eves 7.30pm  Mats Wed & Sat 2.30 19
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Этап урока Show Обучение чтению My Fair Lady The name of theLondon theatre Read Mats (day and time) Bombay Dreams We will rock you theatre guide and fill in the table. All tix half price (day and time) Развитие УУД Преобразование информации 20
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Этап урока Обучение построению высказывания на основе прочитанного Развитие УУД Умение работать с различными опорами 21
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As for me I’d like to see……. because it is ….. Besides Daily Telegraph /Express / the Sun considers it ….. I think I will enjoy… Besides the costumes are ……I like that the musical is full of….music and …..songs My dream is to see it in the British theatre … I will be lucky if I can buy …..tickets for…/…… performance 22
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To begin with…. No wonder…. As for me I’d like….. Curious enough that To crown it all 23
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Этап урока Развитие умения аудировать The musical’s 1956 ‘Broadway production was a hit, setting what was then the record for the longest run of any major musical theatre production in history. It was followed by a hit London production, a popular film version, and numerous revivals. It has been called “the perfect musical”… Развитие тестовых умений (формат “multiple choice”) 24
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Listen to the story about one of the musical Broadway production and fill in the gaps. Choose the correct answer from suggested variants. 1.Really the Broadway production of my Fair Lady was _______. a) a popular show b) a great performance c) a hit 2. Thanks to the_________of any musical in history it is so popular. a) longest run b) shortest run c) longest period 3. It is_________popular film version, and numerous revivals. a) followed by b) made of c) with 4. It was called_______________. a) the ideal show b) the perfect production c) the perfect musical 25
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Этап урока Ответ на проблемный вопрос The British are great lovers of a musical. 26

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