Презентация по английскому языку на тему "Disneyland"; 4 класс

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Воронова Наталья Александровна учитель английского языка МОСШ№1 г.Белоярский
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In a Magical Kingdom not so far away somewhere between a place where you wish upon a star and dreams come true Disney heroes and heroines live in fairytales that are, happily, never ending.
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Disneyland is a large amusement park In California.
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You can meet here your favorite characters of Walt Disney cartoons.
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There are sixty (60) different amusements and shows in Disneyland
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Main Street, USA
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Fantasyland You'll believe in make believe in the happiest of lands Fantasyland! This is the place where you will see the fairytales and stories that inspired Disney's classic animated films come vividly to life.
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It’s a small world.   Where the world comes together in song Take the family on this joyful musical tour of the world. Marvel as dolls of all nations sing and dance to the famous it's a small world medley. You'll be singing a happy song for the rest of the day.
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Peter Pan's flight  Journey to Never Land with Peter, Wendy and Tinker Bell, then cross London in search of Captain Hook.
Слайд 11
Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups.   For a dizzy ride of silliness with cups and saucers Take a teaspoon of spin, and a twist of twirl, soon you'll be whirling round in circles in one of the Mad Hatter's giant Tea Cups. Dizzy stuff!
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Sleeping Beauty Castle   Step into your dream castle, where you'll find your prince! Discover the charm and beauty of this timeless enchanted castle situated in the heart of Disneyland Park. It's the perfect place to 'reawaken' your childhood dreams.
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Adventure land.
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Where you can…
Слайд 15
Look out for poisonous darts and screaming mummies... They're everywhere!  In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril
Слайд 16
It's a pirate's life for you, matey!  Take a thrilling ride with the meanest pirates of them all.  In Pirates of the Caribbean
Слайд 17
Discoveryland.  where the future predictions of great visionaries come to life. Fast-forward to the edge of the universe with Space Mountain: Mission 2 or journey to the stars with the return of Captain EO!
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Where you can….
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Fight the evil Zurg in your very own Starcruiser.
Слайд 20
Set off for an intergalactic adventure onboard the Starspeeder 3000 space ship.
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Would you like to visit Disneyland?
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What amusements do you want to visit?  I want to visit … because …
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Let all your dreams come true!
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