Условные предложения

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Условные предложени я Френдак Галина Емельяновна учитель английского языка МБОУ Копьёвская СОШ
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Изъявительное наклонение Все действия реальны. If clause If + Present tense Main clause Will + infinitive If I paint a nice picture I will give it to you. Если я нарисую хорошую картину, я отдам ее тебе.
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Наречия в начале придаточного предложения If – если When – когда Unless – если не As soon as – как только Before – до того как After – после того как As long as – до тех пор пока Until – пока не
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Сослагательное наклонение Subjunctive Mood I Действия могли бы произойти сегодня или завтра. If clause Main clause If + Past Simple Would + infinitive If I had enough money I would buy a car. Если бы у меня было достаточно денег,
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Нереальное условие If clause Main clause If I were … Would + infinitive If I were you, I would go to the hospital . На твоем месте я бы пошел в больницу. If I were your boss, I would make you do it now. Если бы я был твоим босом, я бы заставил тебя это сделать сейчас.
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Subjunctive Moodмогли II бы произойти Действия вчера, но не произошли If clause If Past Perfect Main clause Would have + Perfect Infinitive If I hadn’t forgotten to wind up the alarm clock, I wouldn’t have been late for school
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Subjunctive Mood III Несостоявшееся событие If clause If Past Main clause Would + Perfect Infinitive If + Past Perfect Would + infinitive If I had studied hard, I would have passed the exams.
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Раскройте скобки 1 1. If you (to love) nature you never ( to throw) litter outdoors. 2. If I (to get up) late I usually (to have) a headache. 3. If you (not to eat) long you (to get) weak. 4. If you (to boil) ice it (to melt) and (to turn) into water. 5. When you (to speak) your vocal chords (to vibrate). 6. When a storm (to begin) people ( to shelter) in their homes.
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Раскройте скобки 2 1. If we (to walk) to the park we (to feed) some birds there. 2. If they (to go) to the disco they (to listen) to loud music. 3. If I (to go) to the theatre I (to watch) an interesting play. 4. If you (to study) hard you (to pass) this exam. 5. If you (to wear) these trousers you (to look) a bit strange. 6. If you (to play) this composition your guests (be pleased). 7. If David (to forget) his umbrella I (to give) him mine.
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Раскройте скобки 3 1. If I (to see) Mary, I would (to be) really glad to meet her. 2. If Rachael (to be) rich, she (to study) at a foreign college. 3. If it (to snow) now, it (to be) really difficult to get to the country for us. 4. If somebody (to rob) your house, what (to do) you? 5. If I ever (to get) married, I (to do) it only of love. 6. If I (to have) enough money, I (buy) a country cottage.
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Раскройте скобки 4 1. If he (to study) harder, he (to pass) his test better then. 2. If we (to begin) the work earlier, we (to have) more time. 3. Lena (to buy) the milk if she (forget) about it. 4. They (not to get) into that accident if Jim (not to drive ) so fast. 5. The dogs(to get out) if the door (to be) locked. 6. If Jenny (to ask) me about the matter I (to answer) all her questions. 7. I (to call) the police if I (to see) those robbers again
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Определите тип наклонения 1. If I were you, I would tell him about their plan. 2. If he had come yesterday, we would have met him. 3. If this story were not interesting, I wouldn`t read it! 4. If we had come a minute later, we would not have seen the matter. 5. If it rains hard for a long time water will run along the streets. 6. If I have some free time I will call on you. 5
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Образуйте условные предложения 1, 2 и 3 типов 1. If my friend (to come) to see me, I (to be) very glad. 2. If mother (to buy) a cake, we (to have) a very nice tea party. 3. If we (to receive) a telegram from him, we (not to worry). 4. If you (not to work) systematically, you (to fail) the examinations. 5. If you (to be) busy, I (to leave) you alone. 6. If I (to live) in Moscow, I (to visit) the Tretyakov Gallery every year. 7. If I (to get) a ticket, I (to go) to the Philharmonic. 8. If I (to live) near a wood, I (to gather) a lot of mushrooms.
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Вставить глаголы, чтобы получилось реальное условие 1. If I (to see) John, I (to tell) him your news. 2. He (to be) very pleased if it (to be) really true. 3. If you (to go) to town on Monday, you (to meet) my brother Tom. 4. If you (to need) help, my father (to help) you. 5. We (to have) a picnic lunch if the day (to be) fine. 6. If you (to ask) a policeman, he (to tell) you the way. 7. I (to finish) the job tomorrow if I (to can). 8. I (not / to require) an umbrella if it( not / to rain). 9. If she (to think) it over carefully, she (to form) a clear opinion. •
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Образуйте предложения • If I go on a diet • snowman • 2. If it's sunny tomorrow • some chocolate • 3. If John doesn't hurry • take a taxi • 4. If it snows • weight • 5. If there sre no buses a. we'll make a b. I'll buy you c. she'll have to d. I'll lose
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Fill in the gaps • John Smith is in prison. How did it happen? If John (not / to oversleep), he (not / to be) late for work. If he (not / to be) late for work, his boss (not / to fire) him. If John (not / to lose) his job, he (not / to need) money and he (not / to rob) the bank. If he (not / to rob) the bank, the police (not / to arrest) him.
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• 1. He is busy and does not come to see us. If ... . 2. The girl didn't study well last year and received bad marks. If ... . 3. He broke his bicycle and so he didn't go to the country. If ... . 4. He speaks English badly: he has no practice. If ... . 5. I had a bad headache yesterday, that's why I didn't come to see you. If ... . 6. The ship was sailing near the coast, that's why it struck a rock. If ... . 7. He was not in town, therefore he was not present at our meeting. If ... . 8. The pavement was so slippery that I fell
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. 9. The sea is rough, and we cannot sail to the island. If ... . 10. They made a fire, and the frightened wolves ran away. If ... . 11. It is late, and I have to go home. If ... . 12. I was expecting my friend to come, that's why I couldn't go to the cinema with you. If ... . 13. He always gets top marks in mathematics because it is his favourite subject and he works a lot at it. If ... . 14. I didn't translate the article yesterday because I had no dictionary. If ... . 15. We lost our way because the night was pitch-dark. If ... .
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Make up 1. The travellers had no camera with sentences them, so they could not take photos of the beautiful scenery. If ... . 2. There was no sugar left, so we had to go to the shop late in the evening. If ... . 3. This house is very nice and comfortable, but it is not very good for living because it is situated close to a chemical plant and the air around is very bad. If ... . 4. He is an excellent specialist, but I can't ask his advice because I'm not acquainted with him. If ... . 5. You cannot enjoy this merry evening
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6. You know the material well enough, but you are very absent-minded, and that's why you always make many mistakes. If ... 7. You did not ring me up, so I did not know you were in trouble. If .. . 8. You left the child alone in the room, so he hurt himself. If ... . 9. They spent a year in the tropics, so they got very sun-tanned. If ... . 10. It rained heavily, so we got drenched to the skin. If ... . 11. Why didn't you watch the cat? It ate all the fish. If ... . 12. A huge black cloud appeared from behind the forest, so we had to turn back and hurry home. If .... .
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• • • • • Использованные ресурсы http://www.google.ru/imgres?q= сова-фото+мудрая+картинки http://school-ppt.3dn.ru шаблон Есмагуловой Гульнары Сергеевны http:// www.alleng.ru/mybook/3gram/6verb_33.htm грамматика http:// www.the-world.ru/english-language/grammar/p redlozhenie/378-uslovnoe-predlozhenie-v-ang lijskom-yazyke грамматика http:// abcdetomsk.narod.ru/grammar/verb/subjm/if_e

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