Презентация по английскому языку "Подготовка к ГИА"; 9 класс

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Выполнила Омеленчук Эльвира Филипповна учитель английского языка МОУ СОШ №33 г.Магнитогорска
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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Read and choose Reading and Writing Подготовка к эссе с опорой на текст Speaking Writing a letter. Speaking. The Universe. Grammar . Wish . Список использованной литературы
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 Ellen 1…………. twenty years old . She 2 ………. from Italy . She 3………… short wavy hair and blue eyes . She is 4 ……….. clown . 5………… family all work in a big circus . Ellen 6………… ride an elephant . 7…………. name is Nellie and it’s Ellen’s favourite animal . 8………… father is a magician . 9 ………… name is Melvin the Marvel . He 10…… ….. do lots of tricks . It’s great fun at the circus .  1 A is 2 A can 3 A is 4 A an 5 A She’s 6 A can 7 A Is 8 A Her 9 A He 10 A can          B are B be B have got B a B His B has got B Its B His B Her B is C am C is C has got C the C Her C have C It’s C The C His C has
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     Charles Dickens Charles Dickens 1) was ( be ) a famous English writer . He 2) …… ( be ) the person who 3)…… ( create ) characters such as Oliver Twist , Scrooge and David Copperfield. People all over the world , young and old still read his wonderful stories. Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth , England in 1812. In 1822 his family 4) ……( move ) to London. When Dickens was only twelve years old , he 5)…….( go ) to work in a factory. From 1834-1846 , Charles Dickens 6)…….( work ) as a reporter for the “Morning Chronicle” . He 7)…….. (begin ) his career as a writer in 1837 with “ Pickwick Papers”. Dickens 8)…….( marry ) Catherine Hogarth in 1836. He 9)…….( have ) nine children and was a very loving father. Dickens was one of the most popular writers of his time. Some of his most famous stories include “ Oliver Twist “ , “ David Copperfield” and “ A Christmas Carol”. Charles Dickens 10)…… ( die ) in 1870 , over a hundred years ago , but his stories are still popular today.  Now , read again and answer.  1.Who was Charles Dickens? 2.Where was he from? 3.When was he born?  
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        4.When his family move to London? 5.What did he do when he was twelve? 6.When did he begin his career as a writer? 7.Who did he marry? 8.How many children did he have? 9.What were some of his stories? 10.When did he die? Now, find information about L. Tolstoy and write his biography.
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• • • • • • • • • • • • Read and correct. End –of-year disco book band “ The Bubbles “ + (arrive at seven on Saturday evening) prepare school hall ( Friday ) _ Order food and drinks ( hot dogs , sandwiches , popcorn, Coke, lemonade ) + To: Mrs Hussain From : Jodie, Simon, Nikki, Caroline Date: 15th May Subject: End-of-year 1) play – ( disco) Here is our report on what we have done so far. A. We have already booked the band 2) “ The Googgles”, and they are arriving at 3) eight o’clock on Saturday evening. B. We have not prepared the school 4) rooms yet. We are doing that 5) next week. C. We have already ordered food and drinks: hot dogs , sandwiches, popcorn, Coke and 6) orange juice. • • • What’s the best title for each paragraph? Read, choose. The School The Band Food and Drinks Party School Hall The
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 Say “no” to bullying  Growing up is often a problem for many teenagers . Here are some tips to consider in making your choices.  Bullies just seem to exist everywhere. A bully is anyone who appears to feel powerful when they hurt or pick on someone else. They do not need a reason , just a target , or victim. If you are a target or a bully , there are a few things you can do :  Avoid the bully whenever possible Walk or run away from the bully. Ask your friends to stick close . It is harder to pick on someone when they have friends standing up for them. Ask an adult ( parents , teachers ) for help/ Be assertive. Tell the bully to stop bothering you , that you do not like it and will report the abuse if it is continues.    
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                If you see someone else being bullied, don’t get in the way , you could be hurt. Instead , try one of these things: Find an adult to help ASAP ( as soon as possible ) Encourage your friends to be assertive and tell the bully that his or her behavior is unacceptable. If you are the one doing the bullying, STOP. You do not have the right to make others feel bad, to threaten people , to tease people , or to cause people harm. Задание 1.( эссе с аргументацией «за» и «против» ) 1.Coment the following statements. Some teenagers say that bulling can be stopped only if you ask your friends to help punish the bully. Others say that it could dangerous and only adults can help. 2. Essay. A. (введение). e.g. Bulling is one of the most common teenage problems…… The problem/issue/phenomenon of …. Is/appear to be/has always been…. The most worrying trend is….. It is a controversial/burning/hot question…. B.(основная часть)e.g. Some teenagers say that…. Others believe that….. On the one hand……………….. On the other hand….. Firstly, To begin with , Secondly , Finally , In addition , Besides , Moreover , What is more Furthermore , However , Despite this , In spite of this , In fact , As a matter of fact , As a result , Consequently , etc. C.(заключение) e.g. All in all….. All things considered, I believe that………. In my opinion
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Choose the correct word or phrase to complete these phrases.  A.  1. 2. 3. 4. 5.      Getting a book would/should be a good idea because…. One thing we would/should remember is that … Personally , I suggest to get/getting a new pen because…. One advantage of get/getting a briefcase is…. In my opinion , it would/should be beter to get a picture because…. Imagine your classmate is leaving your school. You have collected some money to buy him/her a present . Choose one of the following presents to buy your friend and explain why you think it would be a good idea . Try to use the phrases from Ex. A. B.  a box of chocolates a book a new briefcase  a picture of the class a new pen something else
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 This is a part of a letter from Sheryl, your English pen friend.  ….Do you ever argue with your parents about what you wear? My parents and I don’t seem agree about clothes at all. Is it important to you to be fashionable? What sort of clothes do you like wearing? Do you think I should wear what my parents tell me to? Have you got any advice? Looking forward to hearing your opinion. Love, Sheryl               Write back to Sheryl answering her questions. A. Answer these questions , remember that you don’t have to tell the truth. - Do you ever argue with your parents about clothes? Why? - Is it important to you to be fashionable? Why? - What sort of clothes do you like wearing? Why? - Should Sheryl wear what her parents tell her to? Why/ Why not? - What other advice do have for Sheryl? B . Decide if the following is a good idea when you are writing an informal letter and circle either ‘Do’ or ‘Don’t’. 1.Put your address in the top right corner. Do/ Don’t 2.Start with Dear Sir or Madam. Do/ Don’t 3.Use short forms in your writing. Do/ Don’t 3.Finish with Yours sincerely. Do/Don’t 4.Finish with Love, or Best wishes. Do/ Don’t 5. Write your full name at the end. Do/ Don’t
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 Speaking Warm up Look at the picture of the solar system and discuss these questions. 1. How many planets are there in the solar system? 2. Which planet do we live on? 3. Which thing in the picture is star? WORD PERFECT Use the clues and the anagrams to find the words: 1. An alien space-sheep FOU 2. The distance light can travel in a year HTLIG / REWA 3. A thousand million NOLIBIO 4. Someone who travels into space UNOCSMAOT 5. An object that goes round a planet LASTLEIET 6. A piece of rock flying through space TASDERIO 7. What the answer to number 6 becomes when it enters the Earth’s atmosphere ROTEEM PRACTICE YOUR SPEAKING SKILLS Discuss what you think life is like for astronauts and cosmonauts on a space station, and the Moon. Use the phrases we use to express certainty, uncertainty and possibility, and the words below. Exiting difficult fun unpleasant Boring different strange lonely Cold dangerous interesting challenging 
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              1.I wish the weather …. So cold today. A. weren’t b. isn’t c. wouldn’t 2. It is difficult to get there by bus. I wish I …. a car . A. have b. had c. had had 3. We had a wonderful holiday in Greece . I wish we … there again next summer . A. will go b. would go c. went 4. Jane lost her key . She wishes she … so careless . A. wasn’t b. hadn’t been c .wouldn’t be 5. I wish I …. so mush money . Now I have to borrow some from my parents . A. hadn’t spent b. didn’t spend c. wouldn’t spend 6. Sue looks very upset . Her husband wishes she …. about her son’s troubles. A. didn’t worry b. doesn’t worry c. hadn’t worry 7. I’m hungry . I wish it …. time for lunch . A. is b. was c. had been
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       We use wish to express regrets : I wish we had a lot of money .= I’d like us to have more money My mother wishes she hadn’t become a teacher .= My mother regrets that she became a teacher. We use the Past Simple tense after wish to express regrets about the present : I wish I was taller. = I’m not tall and I’m not happy about it. We use the Past Perfect tense after wish to express regrets about the past : I wish I had passed my driving test. = I regret I didn’t pass my driving test.
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1. 2. 3. 4. MACMILLAN Speaking and Listening MACMILLAN Сборник тестов для подготовки к ЕГЭ по английскому языку Газета Английский язык (издательский дом Первое сентября) http://yandex.ru/yandsearch? clid=9582&text=картинки&l10n=ru&lr=235

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