Mass Media, 7 класс

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•The development of UK Mass Media ► Гурджиева Олеся Геннадьевна, учитель английского языка МАОУ «Лицей №62» г. Саратова ► ►
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•The main aim: ► to learn more about the history of Mass Media in UK ► ►
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«There will always be a need for storytellers, people who dig up facts and explain them» (Leo Laporte, the founder of TwiT Network)
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•We can't imagine our life without means of Mass Media
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TV is one of the best inventions the man ever made.
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The first dated printed book known is the "Diamond Sutra", printed in China in 868 AD
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The term «Mass Media» was coined with the creation of print media in Europe in the Middle Ages
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Johannes Gutenberg printed the first book on a printing press in 1453
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Newspapers developed from about 1612. But they reached the audience only in the 19th century.
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•Time goes by... Nowadays The 19th century
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•Radio, television and video was introduced after the Second World War
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In recent times, the Internet became the latest and most popular mass medium. 2000 2010 2013
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Influence of mass media Limited effects theory Culturalist theory Class Dominant theory
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•Popular Mass Media l l l l l l l Print (late 15th century) Recordings (late 19th century) Cinema (about 1900) Radio (about 1910) Television (about 1950) Internet (about 1990) Mobile phones (about 2000)
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Television began in 1936 and Became popular after the Queen's Coronation in 1952
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•BBC IBA British Broadcasting Corporation Independent Broadcasting Authority 5 national radio stations 40 local radio stations
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The press in Great Britain has three political functions Information Representation l l Discussion The Times, The Guardian The Weekly Telegraph l l Today, Daily Mirrow, The Sun
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Many workers listen to the radio through the Internet while sitting at their desk.
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Mobile phone was introduced in Japan in 1979
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News-oriented journalism is sometimes described as «the first rough draft of history»
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Nowadays the Mass Media form and affect public opinion and people's mind.
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l l Thank you for your attention!!!
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Интернет ресурсы
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