Sweet Country 10 класс

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Project: «The Best of all Possible Worlds» «Sweet country» Смирнова Надежда Львовна учитель английского языка МОУ СОШ №6 г.Кинешма
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Project: «The Best of all Possible Worlds» «Sweet country» There are many countries in the world. Our country is called «Sweet country». It is an island state. It is washed by Milk ocean and Chocolate ocean. The capital of Sweet country is Kiss. This country has its national flag . There are chocolate people on the flag. They symbolize that this country is the most Sweet country all over the world and all the people are very friendly.
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All people`s activities are connected with sweets. There are such professions as confectioner , pastrycooker, seller of candies, pies distributer, cacao farmer, label publisher. There are many cafes there.
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• The south and the east of the island is covered by waffle mountains and hills of birds` milk. The country has a warm climate. It is always sunny and sweet wind sometimes blows .
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• There are many volcanoes with flows hot chocolate lava flowing down the hills • There are hundreds of cocoa lakes.
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• People who live in this country have their own language, Caramel language. • Every letter has its own name.
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Apple cake
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Ice cream
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Lemonade Orange juice
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People have equal rights there and they are happy.

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Автор: Смирнова Надежда Львовна  Эсперанса
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