Презентация "Mir Castle" к уроку английского языка для старших классов

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UNESCO World Heritage Centre Mir Castle is a unique monument of Belarusian architecture, it was built by duke Ilinich in early 16th century near village Mir (Grodno Region). Презентацию выполнила Шишкина Наталья Владимировна учитель английского языка 1 квалификационной категории ГУО «Сидоровичский УПК
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The fifth tower had a drawbridge and a forged grille chersa which could urgently stop a sudden attack. The castle was well adapted for gunshot defense. Its walls had two rows of loop-holes, and its towers were intended for heavy cannon shooting from them.
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castle's composition is its high towers which jut out beyond the wall-line. All of them have the same structure tetrahedral core with octahedral top, but they differently decorated which gives original decorative
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The representational means, characteristic for Belarusian Gothic, were used for plastic decoration of the Mir Castle: Gothic bricklaying (alternation of long and short sides of bricks) with walled up bricks, division of walls with plastered niches of various forms ornamental brick belts.
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Since 1568 the Mir Castle was owned by Dukes Radziwils, who finished its building in Renaissance style. A three-storied palace was built along the eastern and northern walls. Its plastered facades were decorated with lime-stone portals, plates, balconies and porches. During excavations they collected a lot of glazed tiles with vegetable and geometrical ornaments, and coats of arms of the
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bastions at the corners; a water moat surround them. To the north of the walls an Italian garden was laid, to the south - an artificial lake.
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Despite numerous destruction's (the heaviest were during 1812 war) the Mir Castle survived till now; and at present it is being successfully restored. This monument is under UNESCO's auspices.
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Tower-gate is preserved authentic since the time when the castle was built in 16th century
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Three towers of the westrern facade with Gothic and Renaissance (left tower) ornaments, characteristic of Belarusian architecture
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Genera l view of the castle
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One of the largest in Europe assault Cross Bows in action Knight's tournament inside the Mir castle walls
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