Презентация по теме "The Simpsons' Eating Habits" для 6 класса; учебник "Enjoy English"

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THE SIMPSONS´S EATING HABBITS Выполнила: Амбарцумова А.П.. МОУ «КСОШ № 1» Ленинградская область город Кингисепп 2011
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Hi. I am Homer Simpson. I like food. Do you want do know, what are my favourites? Well, first of all I like burgers. I like them flamed on the grill, I like them fried on Marge´s stove. Burgers are one off my favourite food. I also like hot dogs. I eat them at home, in the garden, in the car and in the parks. I can have them for breakfast, luch and dinner, too. I like pizza. Hot or cold – I don´t mind. Chocolate is also very tasty. Sometimes I eat it in front of the TV. When I have a break at work, I like eating ring donuts. They are so delicious. Do you like them too? In the mornings I like to have pancakes. My wife Marge is really good in making those. In the evening I often have beer nuts, when I watch TV. Beer nuts is a kind of snack made of peanuts, corn syrup and salt - all fried in vegetable oil. It is not made of beer. And what do I like to drink? Duff beer of course... And what don´t I like? Well, spinach doesn´t taste very nice. And I don´t like cabbage.
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Hello. I am Marge Simpson. I am a housewife now, but I also used to be a waitress on roller skates, a police officer, a pretzel maker and an employee at Springfeeld Nuclear Power Plant. I like to cook for my family. I make breakfast every day for my beloved husband Homer and for my three kids Bart, Lisa and Meggie. I know what each of them like. My favourite food is a peach cruble and also noodles with melted butter on top. I like all fruit juces and I also like sparkling mineral water. Sometimes I have a small piece of chocolate. I like fresh fruit – especially apples, peaches and strawberries. Sometimes Homer buys for me a little basket of cherries. For breakfast I usually have a sandwich with tuna and eggs and cup or two of black coffee, in the evening I have a cup of green tea. I don´t like beer, burgers and hot dogs.
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Hello. I am Bart Simpson. I am a school boy. I live in Springfield with my family We have a dog, too. His name is Santa´s Little Helper. And our cat´s name is Snowball. Do you have a pet? Now, what ´s my favourite food? Well, it´s a bit difficult. I like butterfnger candy bar. Do you know, what it is? Well, it´s a chocolate bar with an orange coloured center with the texture similar crisp caramel. All that is coated with chololate. And it´s yummy! I like Krusty burgers, I like cholocate and vanilla icecream, I like hot dogs as my Dad and I like milshakes of all types. I also like french fries, but my Mum doesn´t want to buy me those. She always gives me a sandwich and some fruit or vegetables for my packed lunch. And what do I like to drink? I like Coke, lemonade and sometimes tea.
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Hi. I am Lisa Simpson. I am a vegetarian. I like to eat anything with no meat. And what is my favourite food? Well, in the morning I like to have some cereals, fruits and nuts with milk, and a cup of nice hot tea. For lunch I very often have some pasta with cheese, or rice with vegetables. I like vegetable salads, too. Sometimes my Mum makes mashed potatoes with vegetable stuffed mushrooms for me and for my brother Bart, but he doesn´t like it much. As a dessert I like apple pies, pancakes, brownies, and cookies. And I love rice pudding and, of course, ice-cream. Well, who doesn´t? Every Saturday my Mum makes cinamon plumbs with French toast. That is really nice and tasty.. Sometimes I have vegetable burgers. I like all kinds of fruit and vegetables. I like beans and lentils. I mostly drink still mineral water and green tea. I don´t like Coke and sweet drinks.
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Now answer the following questions about the four people above:                  Who does like burgers? Who does like pancakes? Who is vegetarian? Where does Homer eat hot dogs? What is Marge´s favourite food? What is Bart´s favourite food? What fruit does Marge like? What fruit does Lisa like? What drinks does Bart like? What drinks does Marge like? How often does Lisa have the cinamon plumps with French toast? What does Homer sometimes buy for Marge? What does Marge usually have for breakfast? What kind of ice-cream does Bart like beat of all? What drinks Lisa doesn´t like? What does Homer eat during his break at work? What does Marge often give to Bart for packed lunch?
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Источники: http://www.eslprintables.com http://oboi.i.ua/user/1161314/11/126595/ http://simpsons.volgograd.biz/index.html podrobnosti.ua http://odietah.narod.ru/marge.htm http://odietah.narod.ru/bart.htm

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Спасибо за презентацию. Думаю, что смогу ею воспользоваться для проведения урока с некоторыми изменеииями. Не могли бы Вы ответить на вопросы? Применение вспомогательного глагола в первых двух вопросах последнего слайда использовано для усиления конструкции? Это входит в программу для 6 класса?
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