Сказка "Царевна-лягушка" на английском языке для 5-7 классов

МОУ Арефинская СОШ

Автор - Ефимова Татьяна Николаевна, учитель английского языка

Сказка на английском языке для кукольного театра


Начало, музыка

Рассказчик: Today my friends you can enjoy

A fairy tale instead of toys.

We’ll act a marvelous play for you

We hope kids, you’ll enjoy it too.

A tale of tsar and sons of his.

Now watch the play attentively, please.

(появляется царь и царица)

Царь: We have got three adult sons

And I’m very nervous.

I can’t sleep and I can’t eat

Because they are already fit

And it’s time to marry them.

Царица: I adore my sons,

And I love them all.

Look at them

They are tall and strong

And they like to sing

Old Russian song.

(появляются сыновья, Дубинушка)

1 сын: I am the eldest son.

2 сын: I am the middle one.

Иван: And I am the youngest Ivan.

Царь: Dear sons, I’d like to say

That I have a wish today,

I want to marry you

And these arrows for you.

(даёт три стрелы)

Put them into the air

And where they will fall

You’ll find your pretty girl.

(сыновья прощаются и уходят)

Появляется старший сын)

Ст. сын:

Oh, where is my arrow, oh where?

May be here, may be there.

(Звучит музыка, появл. Куп. Дочь)

Куп. дочь: My dear Prince, I’d like to say

That you’ve found your wife today.

Forget your life that in the past

Let’s go to the palace fast.

(подходят к царю)

Ст. сын: Father, look at my wife!

We’ll be living happy life.

Царь: What a girl, so nice and smart.

(уходят, появляется средний сын)

Ср. сын: Оh, where is my arrow, oh where?

May be here, may be there.

(звучит хороводная музыка, появл боярск. дочь)

Бояр. дочь: My dear Prince I’d like to say

You’ve found your wife today.

Forget your life that in the past

Let’s go to your father fast.

(подходят к царю)

Ср. сын: Father, have a look at my wife

I’ll love her all my future life.

Царь: How nice and pretty she is

Respect and love her always please.

(уходят, появляется Иван)

Иван: I’ve shot my arrow into the bog

And what I see – a wet green frog.

Лягушка: My dear Prince, take me with you

I’ll be a good wife for you.

I am kind and very clever

I was given you forever.

(идут к отцу)

Иван: Father, have a look at my wife!

Can I love her all my life?

Царь: Yes, Ivan. You must be wise

Look, your frog-wife is nice.

(все сыновья встают перед царём)

Царь: So, sons, I’d like to check if your wives

Could sew for my hall

A big nice carpet and that’s all!

(Все уходят, остаётся Иван)

Иван: What to do and whom to ask?

How could the frog fulfill the task.


Рассказчица: The night has come

Ivan is sleeping.

The night is over

And clocks say five

Ivan gets up and sees a carpet

Already made by his wife.

His frog-wife is telling him

Your carpet’s here.

Take it and go to the palace , dear.

(появляется царь,)

Царь: I’d like to see a carpet of my eldest son!

(старший сын показывает ковёр)

Царь: Your carpet is to cheap

My cat will sleep on it.

Царь: And now, bring me carpet, my middle son!

(средн. сын показывает ковёр)

Царь: I can’t to say that it’s too small

But carpet doesn’t fit my hall.

(уходит ср.сын, подходит Иван)

Царь: Vanya, glad to see you, dear

Now put your carpet here.

How beautiful it is

Put it in my bedroom, please.

Sons, come here. Second task for you to bake

Big delicious butter cake.

(все уходят)

Рассказчица: Ivan is sad, his thoughts are bad

His wife can’t bake the tasty bread

But in the morning very early

The frog has shown him

The cake he’s never seen.

(появляется царь)

Старший сын: it’s our cake, try the piece

Father, price it, please.

Царь: I cannot bite your cake

It’s too hard, put it away!

(подходит ср. сын)

Ср.сын: From our cake bite the piece

And now price it, father, please?

Царь: your cake is soft and very wet

You haven’t baked it ready yet.

(уходит ср. сын, появл-ся Иван)

Иван: It’s our cake. Father, try the piece

And price the cake correctly, please.

Царь: What a tasty big sweet cake!

I’ve never eaten such a bake.

Царица: And I wish to see at once

How my step-daughters can dance.

(Невестки танцуют, Матаня)

Царь: And where is our frog?

Has she gone to her green bog?

May be she is near?

Call her quickly hear.

Царевна-лягушка: You needn’t call me

I am here.

I’ll dance for you, my dear.

(танцует, Сударушка, в конце танца Иван выбрасывает лягушку)

Царевна-лягушка: What have you done?

My dear friend Ivan.

I can’t be with you today

I have to go away.


Иван: I have to find my dear wife

She is the love of all my life!

Царица: Let’s go, my dear, be lucky and brave

And I’ll be saying for you my pray.

2 действие

(появляется Иван)

Иван:My way is long and very hard

I’ve come to place that very dark.

Where to go- I don’t know.

(появляется Лесовичёк)

Who is this? Tell me, please.

Лесовичёк: I am an old man that keeps the wood.

Иван: Tell me the truth. I want to hear

Where is my wife, where is my dear?

Лесовичёк: What a silly thing you’ve done

But I want to help you, Prince Ivan.

If you go this forest through

Your wife will be with you.

Иван: Thank you old clever man

I’ll go through the forest then

(уходят, тревожная музыка, появляется Иван)

Иван: I am hungry, I am cold But I won’t scold

I have to find my dear wife

I don’t afraid to lose my life.

(усиливается тревожная музыка, появляется паук)

Паук: Who are you the ugly man?

What are you doing in my wood?

Иван: I am looking for my wife

She is love of all my life.

Can you tell me where she is

Help me help me spider, please!

Паук: Guess three riddles

And you’ll see

Where your frog-wife can be

Иван: Ask your riddles then

I’ll answer all of them.

Паук: Listen to the first riddle!

What has a head like a cat, feet like a cat, a tail like a cat, but isn't a cat?

Иван: A kitten

Паук: It’ right. Listen to the second riddle!

What is it that we often return but never borrow?

Иван: Thanks.

Паук: Correctly. Listen to the third riddle.

What teaches without talking?

(Иван раздумывает, обращается к детям)

Kids, help me to answer the last riddle, please.

What teaches without talking?

Дети отвечают: A book!

Паук: Ivan, You’ve done my task

You’ve answered questions fast

I let you go, enjoy thelife

With your beautiful wife!

(Исчезает, появляется царевна-лягушка)

Иван: Оh, my dear? Oh my love

You are my future, present, past,

My ship, my sail, my ocean,

The wind that brings me home again,

The home for every motion.

Царевна-лягушка: There’s a special place within my heart

That only you can fill.

For you had my love right from the start

And I know you always will.

(песня на английском)

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