Интеллектуальная игра по английскому языку о Татарстане "What? Where? When?" для 7-11 классов

Интеллектуальная игра о Татарстане на английском языке для 7-11 классов

A game “What? Where? When ?” about Tatarstan

As a variant to the quiz, the students can have a game “What? Where? When ?”. For the game they need a top ( ) and cards with questions. The cards should be of different colour. The arrow is ticked to the top. On each card one question is written “What? Where? When ?”. The set of cards lie a side with the question down. The students are divided into the groups of 4 students. In turn one group sits around the top and turns it and chooses the category of questions. For example, the arrow shows to the card “What”? The cards with with questions are of blue colour. The students take any card , read the question , discuss it during thirty seconds and answer. If the answer is correct, the group gets “a point” . The next group sits down at the table.

The questions for the game are the following:


  1. What is the territory of the republic? (67.836 square km.)

  2. What are the official languages in Tatarstan? (Tatar and Russian)

  3. What is the population? (3,8 million people)

  4. What are the largest cities? (Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnekamsk, Almetyevsk, Zelenodolsk and Bugulma)

  5. What is the symbol of Kazan? (The Kazan Kremlin)

  6. What are the three main nationalities? (Tatars, Russians, Chuvaches)

  7. What are the names of popular football and ice-hockey teams? (“Dinamo” and “ Ak Bars”)

  8. What are the colours of Tatarstans’ flag? (green, white, red)

  9. What is the most popular drink in Tatarstan? (tea)

  10. What are the national sweet pastries? (“chuk-chuk”, ”kosh tele”, “talkysh-keleve”)


  1. Where is Tatarstan located? (at the centre of the Russian Federation)

  2. Where are produced airplanes? (in Kazan )

  3. Where is the government of Republic situated? (in Kremlin)

  4. Where are made watches? (in Chistopol)

  5. Where is Kamal Theatre situated? (near the Lake Kaban)

  6. Where is the president of Republic from? (Aktanysh)

  7. Where was born Shishkin? (Elabuga)

  8. Where is the Kulsharif Mosque situated? (near the Kazan Kremlin)

  9. Where are produced “Kamaz” and “Oka” ? (in Naberezhnye Chelny)

  10. Where are made sugar? (Nurlat, Sainsk, Buinsk)


  1. When did Kazan celebrate its millennium? (in 2005)

  2. When is Nauruz celebrated? (on the 21st of March )

  3. When was opened Kazan State University (in 1804)

  4. When was opened the first school in Kazan? (tsifirnaya school in 1719)

  5. When will be Universiada in Kazan? (in 2013)

  6. When was signed the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Republic? (on the 30th of August, 1990)

  7. When is the birthday of the Tatar Theatre? (in 1906)

  8. When did celebrate Kazan hippodrome its 140 th birthday? (2009)

  9. When did Ivan the Terrible attacke Kazan? (in 1552)

  10. When was Kazan called “the third capital of Russia” (from 1708)

Использованная литература:

1.Английский язык “Welcome to Tatarstan” Л.Ф.Иванова, Д.Р.Сабирова, Ж.Н.Гарипова

Казань Издательство ТАИ 2007

2.Газета для учителей на татарском языке «Ачык дәрес” г.Казань ,июнь 2005 год 1-2 страницы

3.Нестандартные уроки английского языка З.А.Ефанова Издательско-торговый дом «Корифей»

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Спасибо за идеи для организации интеллектуальной игры! Полезно, актуально, интересно!
1 Leis • 13:23, 28.10.2010
Здорово!!! Ведь мы тоже из Татарстана. Ваш материал очень актуален и полезен для нас. Спасибо.