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МБОУ «Каласевская средняя

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Ардатовский район

Республика Мордовия

My village

Our country is called the Russian Federation. It is one of the largest countries in the world. Mordovia is situated in the central part of Russia. It is divided into many districts. I live in Ardatov district. It is not very large district in Mordovia. It is situated in the eastern part of Mordovia, closer to Chuvashskaya region. My birthplace native is called Kalasevo. There are many picturesque places in Kalasevo. It isn’t far from Alatyr’ river. There is muсh fish in the river. There is a forest near the river. Many berries and mushrooms grow there. In the past there were four mills in our village. Arkhipov I.G., Ternyaev S.K., Khramov V.F. were the rich of our village. The village is not small now. People live in not very large one-storeyed houses. The streets and garden are green with trees. However, there are many empty houses in my village. We have all modern conveniences such as electricity, radio, TV sets and gas in Kalasevo. Streets are silent nowadays because few people walk, children don’t play on the streets now. You can see hens, ducks, dogs walking on the streets. But at night the streets not lit. There are not many beautiful gardens in my village. There are a few brick houses in Kalasevo. In the centre of the village there is a square. The monument is situated in the centre our village. There is a post-office on one side of the square and the shop is on the other side. There is a club near the shop. The club has a big hall, where people listen to music. In the evening the young people of the village go to the club and have a good time there. There is a library in the club. There is a church, a green shop near the church in the New Street. There is only one school, which was formed in 1900our village. Only one teacher worked there. There was one book in the school in 1900. Only 100 schoolchildren studied at school in 1919. . An elementary school is situated in a wooden building. There is the museum of the ancient things in this school. A secondary school is a brick building. There are two libraries, a gymnasium, a dinning room, a computer class in that school. My school is not very large, but comfortable, light and warm. Vlasova O.F., Timokhina T.D., Suyushov I.I. are famous people of our village. Suyushov I.I. is Hero of Socialist Labour. Timokhina T.D. is children writer. Suyushova M.P., Tarakanova V.P. are mother – heroine in our village. The population of the village is about 560 people.

Kalasevo (Tetingeevo) was founded in 1624.

The population of the village Kalasevo (Tetingeevo)


Number houses

The population
































The people in my village are very kind, hard-working. They speak two languages: Russian and Mordovian, old men don’t forget some religious. I love my village Kalasevo, because it’s my home land.


Victory Day is a great holiday in our country. On this day millions of people celebrate the victory over the German fascists in 1945. Victory was won at a high price. 251 people our village didn’t come back from the war. We have a monument to all those who didn’t come back from the war. It is situated in the centre of our village. I.N. Parkin, V.M. Tyuren, I.F. Tokarev carried monument from Gorkiy region in the autumn in 1974. They paid 500 rubles for it. Moscow sculpture went to my village in April in 1975. He worked for 3 days. On the Victory Day we have a parade in our country. People bring flowers to the monument. War veterans tell young people how defended their country. One of veterans said: “Young people don’t have to forget the heroes, the must be ready to defend their country against enemies”.

The camp of work and rest

The camp of work and rest was opened in our village in 1980. It was named “Apple tree”. It worked only summer. There were 40 schoolchildren, two teachers, chief, watchman, cook in our camp. Yudina E.G. was our cook. Kydashkin I.I. was a watchman. The schoolchildren worked 24 days in the camp. Our school teachers worked in the camp of work and rest too. The schoolchildren and two teachers worked in the fields, the weed onion, prepare branching fodder for sheep. They played, danced, read the books, hiked and had rest in the evenings. There are two sections in the camp. The first heard of the camp were Pitina N.N. Alipova O.N., Alipov A.A., Gvozdeva E.N., Sazanov V.N., Devyatkina A.V. worked in the camp. The camp was closed in 1989.


Libraries are very important in our life. There are libraries in every town and village in our country. We must understand what riches we can find in them. We cannot buy all the books we want to read. That is why we can borrow books from libraries. If you want to take out books from a library, you should become its reader. But first of all you must learn the rules of the library. When you enter a library you can see long rows of shelves and in the library any reader can go round and choose what they want. We usually keep a book for a week or two before taking it back. If at the end of the fortnight you have not finished reading the book you may take it out again for another fortnight. F they do not have a boor you need out you may leave an order for it. The librarian will send you a postcard which tells you that the book is ready for you. The first library in my village was opened in 1951. The library is situated in the centre of the village. Vlasova O.P. was the fist librarian in our village library. There were about 4,000 books in the library. Saraykina E.D. works in the village library now. The library contains about 16,835 books now. People go to the library to read of borrow books or to, newspapers and magazines to read them at home. About 100 readers go to the library every year. There is a table in the room at which the librarian sits. She gives out about 2000 books a year. You can find new detectives, novels. Librarian also selects and purchases books and other materials, organizes materials so that you can easily them, answer questions the readers about facts, people, events or advises you how to find the information you need. Books play a great role in our life. Reading makes a man clever and wise. Love books, they are the source of knowledge and only knowledge can make us stronger and better.

The school library

The school library began to work since the day of the opening of the open in 1968. The school library is divided into two rooms. School material is situated in one part. Books are situated in the other rooms. There is the literature of Mordoviar writers, Russian Soviet literature, foreign literature, nursery literature, religious, sport, art, dictionaries and encyclopedias are situated in the other room. There are 8 divisions in the school library. There are many book exhibitions in our school library. They are: “Composers and singers of Mordovia”, “Protect the nature signifies to protect the native land”, “State symbols” and other. In the school library there are different newspapers and magazines. There are art, methodical literature and textbooks in the school library. There are 11,232 textbooks in the school library. There are 8,740 textbooks and 4,289 books of methodical literature in there. There is also a hall there. In the reading hall you can sit and read books, newspapers and magazines. You can also read encyclopedias, dictionaries and many other reference books, but they may not be taken out. Suyushova Lyubov Sergeevna is a librarian of our school. Though Kalasevo is a small village. It is the most wonderful place for me. I love my native village because it is my birthplace.


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