Игры на уроках английского языка

How many seasons are there in the year?

What are they?

What is the weather like in winter?

What are winter months?

What do you wear in summer?

Why do English people like to speak about weather?

Board game:


Seasons and months

What can you do in winter?

What is the weather like in spring in your region?

What are the most popular activities in summer?

When does winter begin?

Name autumn months

Go 2 points ahead

What winter holidays do you know?

Name spring months

What proverbs about seasons and weather do you know?

Do you know short poems about seasons? Can you recite one?

Can you describe autumn weather?

What clothes do you wear in winter?

Go 3 points back

What can you see when spring comes?

Answer the questions:

  1. Do you live in the house

or in the flat?

  1. How many rooms are there in your house/ flat? What are they?

3. Is your house comfortable?

Now look at the pictures and describe the rooms, using there is/ are:

A sofa



flowers a lamp




a bed a picture

a lamp

a bookcase a chair

a desk a computer

pillows a blanket

a carpet books

a table


running water cupboard

fridge curtains





jar gas stove

Task 1. Find the words with the sounds

[ ei ] jacket jeans

[ u: ] trainers

[ au ] boots blouse

[ i: ] shoes

[ æ ] trousers

Task 2. What do boys and girls wear?

jeans trainers

skirts trousers

t-shirts blue shirts

boots pink shoes

jackets white shorts


T ask 3. What is she/ he wearing now?

Past Simple Past Continuous.

V2 Ved Was/were Ving

Past Continuous Tense is used to show action in duration.

We use Past Simple and Past Continuous to say

that smth happened in the middle of some action.

Task 1.Put the verb in brackets in the right form.

Example: I (have breakfast) when my friend (come in).

I was having breakfast when my friend came in.

1) My mum (make) a cake when the quests (arrive).


2) My friends and I (play) outside when the rain (start).

_ __________________________________________________________­­­­­­_

3) I (sleep) when the telephone (ring)


4) I (have a dream) when the school bell (ring).


5) We (dance) when the music (stop).


6) I (go) to the supermarket when I (meet) my friend.


7) I (try out) a mini car when a salesperson (come) up to me.


8 ) I (look for) a present for Jack when I (see) him in the shop.


9) Betsy (have lunch) when her mum (ask her) about her homework.


10) My mum (shop) when she (meet) her best friend in the toy department.


11) I (go) home at 10 o`clock yesterday.


12) I (not watch TV) from 6 to 7 p.m. yesterday.


1 3) Betsy and Jane (talk over the phone) when Gharlie (start) playing with his new train.


14) What shoes____ Emily (wear) at that moment?


15) Emily (run) when the rain (start).

T ask 2. Make your own sentences based on pictures.


ex.: The children were playing chess, when mother came home.

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