Сценарий выступления по представлению различных стран мира на английском языке.

Сценарий мини-спектакля

«Особенности страны Чили»

В рамках ежегодного окружного

Фестиваля «Мир без границ»

ГБОУ СОШ №1381

Автор: Тынянская К.В., учитель

Английского языка

2012-2013 уч. год

Действующие лица и исполнители:

  1. Чилийская белка

  2. Chile paper

  3. Девушка с острова Пасхи

  4. Национальный цветок «Лапажерия»

  5. Флора

  6. Чилийский песо

  7. Национальный герой (с гитарой или на коне)

  8. Первый исполнитель в национальном костюме

  9. Второй исполнитель в национальном костюме

  10. Повар национальной кухни


Звучит национальная музыка

По одному на сцену выходят участники проекта, замирают в разных позах

Читают по строке:

Песо: The land of volcanoes and snow

Paper: Of evergreen trees which there grow

Дев.: Of forests, which are the highest,

Цветок: Of mountains, which are the mightiest.

Повар: Of pitmen who work in the mine

Флора: Which's the greatest in our time

Белка: The land, that is full of rare species

Повар: Where people make food taste delicious

Герой: We like it and proud indeed

Вместе: To make your find out of it (вместе,руки вверх)

Выходя вперёд по одному лицу, кто говорит слова

Перец: Not a big land, but I got my name from it

Белка: Not a popular land, but I got my home there

Повар: Not a very famous land, but I cook world famous dishes here!

Цветок и Флора: Such a lovely land and we got our homeland there!

Флора: What are you, little thing?

Цветок: Oh, I'm a national Chile flower «Лапажерия»

Флора: And I’m Flora the Beautiful, mother

Of all wildlife in Chile.

Don’t you know, all of you have never seen

Some of those plants and animal I got in Chile.

Нац. Герой: It's a real fact there are many

Languages spoken in Chile:

-English and German

-Аймара and Араукана

-Мапуче and languages of other groups/

Песо (тацуя):But the official is Spanish, which

Gives us many emotions, filings,

Freedom, temperaments, passions! And don’t

Forget, I personally consist of 100 cenabo!

Дев.: And I'm a girl from the island

Of Paskha, which is the farthest

From the continent in the world.

Повар: The main thing I have understood, Chile is

A great mixture of cultures and people,

Natural treasures and sights which are

Worth to be visited. That’s why we

Invited you to do it.

Дев.: May I go with you,

Don’t you know my sad song&

Девушка исполняет песню( или в форме речетатива )на мотив песни «Остров Пасхи». Герои спектакля занимают свои места и слушают.

Дует «My love» на музыку из к/ф “Собака на сене»

My love, why do you make me suffer much?

I was so ready to forget you quickly

Why is your shadow visiting me deeply

My heart is full of pain and you don t touch.

My love, why do you make me suffer much?

My love, why do you want from me so much?

You seem to be a snake that always hiding

My soul is dreaming just to catch it smiling

Your mind is streaming keeping me in touch.

My love, why do you want from me so much?

Во время песни на экране клип об острове Пасхи.

Дев.: 1. I'm a girl from the island oh Paskha

My husband was stolen by tigers

Since then I’ve been wearing my face in sad makes

And waiting again for good tidings

2. I’m always in tears and emotions

Unhappy, unsmiling and sleepy

T thought he was eating so quickly in bushes

I may be was eaten by people

3. My feelings were so badly broken

My island is so far from Chile

My words weren’t listened to, which I have spoken

You, do understand me so, really…

Перец: It’s not a legend, there used to live

Real cannibals on that island because

One it happened forests and wildlife

Disappeared and people couldn’t keep

Eyes on anything alive, they had

Hard times to survive in common and

Began eating each other

Песо (обращаясь к девушке): You mustn't worry, you come to Chile

Free, because your island Paskha belongs

To Chile, and we have no cannibals there.

Nature: We only have the highest forest in mountains

In the world, called “Lauka”

Цветок: We have the driest desert in the world

Called “Атакама” and I would never live there.

I’m vary rare, usually 5 meters high.

People even used to eat me some years ago, but

Nowadays I’m the only thing in the world

And belong to the «Red Book”

Белка: Another fact, we have one of the most

Rainy places of the world-Archipelago of Chile [,a:ki’peligou]

Песо: But the main thing people are always surprised

The form of Chile itself, because it looks

Strange and interesting. It seems to be a

Long and narrow line along the ocean.

Повар: Chile people as a nation came from a

Mixture of Ynoliens and setters from Europe,

But the dame “Kayкa” united all of

Them and made feel like home.

Танец «Каука» исполняется в национальных костюмах, звучит специально подобранная музыка. Во время танца все участники спектакля встают за танцующими. Затем постепенно приобретают те позы, с которых начиналось представление.


Песо: The land of guitars and emotions

Герой: The land of dictators, promotions

Цветок: The land which has all of God’s treasures

Белка: The land full of wonderful creatures

Флора: The land that had mixed nationalities

Paper: Which live there in all kinds varieties

Повар: We liked it and proud indeed

Вместе: To make you find out of it!

Поклон участников, организованный уход со сцены.

Полный текст материала Сценарий выступления по представлению различных стран мира на английском языке. смотрите в скачиваемом файле.
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