Проект на английском языке "Значение музыки в жизни подростка"


Good afternoon dear Committee members!
Good afternoon dear friends!
We have to discuss "Music” today.
Why have I chosen such theme? Many people say that music is a waste of time. I don’t think so. To my mind - music is supposed to be interesting for everybody. I cannot imagine my life without music.
A lot of people dance to music. They learn to play musical instruments. Music makes people happy.
Our project is for every person who is interested in music and for those who studies English.
You want to know about styles of music
You want to be happy
You want to know English well
You want to speak English not only about what you study but also about the problems that really touch you
Or you care about neither of these but you like to work with computer
Then our project is for you—JOIN US!!!

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2 shnuro4ek • 18:26, 17.12.2010
The list of literature я нашла, а список источников фотографий где?