Школьная олимпиада по английскому языку, 7 класс

7-th form

TASK 1 LISTENING (10 points)

Time: 10 minutes

Listen to the text and choose the correct answer

1. Tommy went skiing for the first time

  1. with his friends

  2. with his family

  3. alone

2. He _ .

  1. was taught to ski

  2. learnt to ski

  3. didn't learn to ski

3. He fell over a lot because he

  1. enjoyed it

  2. could ski very well

  3. couldn't ski

4. Tommy went to the mountains for

A) seven days B) ten days C) a month

5. They _ time together.

A) didn't have B) enjoyed C) didn't enjoy

6. They went down the mountain on

  1. skis

  2. skateboards

  3. snowboards

7. In the evening they

  1. stayed at the hotel

  2. went out

  3. watched TV

8. They liked to eat

A) fish and chips B) pizza C) hamburgers

9. They watched an ice-hockey game

  1. at the stadium

  2. on TV

  3. at the sports centre

10. Tommy and his friends _ winter sports.

  1. are fond of

  2. don't like

  3. are not keen on

TASK 2 READING (20 points)

Time: 20 minutes

1. Read fragments from stories about famous illusionists. For answers to questions choose the names designated by letters A-E. “0” is the example for you.

  1. John Henry Anderson was a Scottish magician who performed in Europe and the United States in the early 19th century. His favourite trick was bullet-catching, but his best remembered for pulling a rabbit from a hat. He didn’t think of the trick first, but he made it popular and there have been variations on it ever since.

  2. Robert Houdin was born in France in 1805. He was originally trained as a clockmaker. He first appeared as a magician in Paris in 1845. He used common objects to create illusions rather than complicated pieces of machinery. He was known as the father of magic and it was from him that Harry Houdini took his name years later.

  3. Howard Thurston was from Ohio. He started by touring and doing card tricks. In 1908 he met the magician, Harry Kellar. Kellar sold him his tricks and Thurston turned them into a 3-hour long magic show. He toured with it for over 20 years. He was well-known for illusions such as the “floating lady”.

  4. Harry Houdini was born Erik Weisz in Budapest, Hungary. Before taking up magic, he worked in a circus. His world-wide fame came from his amazing escapes. One of his most incredible escapes was from a box that was locked, roped, weighted then lowered into water. Late in his career he went to Hollywood and made films, performing his own stunts.

  5. David Copperfield was born in 1956 in America. He began performing at the age of twelve. He is noted for his ability to make objects disappear, something he has done frequently whilst on the air, watched by millions. He once made the Statue of Liberty, America’s most famous landmark disappear. He also walked through the Great Wall of China. From the late 1970s, he was on TV in The Magic Show of David Copperfield.


  1. was born in Scotland? __A__

  2. made a famous trick he didn’t invent?_____

  3. performed illusions with large objects?_____

  4. acted in films?____

  5. pulled objects from a hat?_____

  6. performed in France and gave his name to another magician?___

  1. Read the text and do the tasks below. (15 points)

A Trip by Plane

An American farmer wanted to make an air trip. There was an airport close to his farm. So one morning he came there to ask if he could make an air trip.

"You see," he said to one of the pilots, "I have never flown before, but I would like to." The pilot told him that the price of the trip was 10 dollars for a ten-minute trip. "Oh, it's a dollar a minute," the farmer said. "Can't you reduce the price?" The pilot thought for a minute and then said, "I won't take any money if you don't say a word during the whole trip." The farmer agreed.

"By the way," said the pilot, "you may take your wife too." The farmer was happy.

The next day at three o'clock the farmer and his wife arrived at the airport. Soon they were up in the air. The plane flew at a high speed, it went up and down very quickly, but since the passengers didn't say a word.

"You are brave people," said the pilot. "I thought you would be afraid to fly."

Well,” said the farmer, “I am glad, I will not have to pay for the trip, as I didn’t have to say a word, but I wanted to speak to you when my wife fell out of the plane”

A Write down whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F).

  1. The farmer didn't like the price of the trip.

  2. It was a trip on the ship.

  3. The farmer decided to take his wife because it could make the price of the trip less.

  4. The price was 10 dollars for each minute.

  5. The passengers kept silent when they were in the air.

  6. The farmer's wife was quite well after the trip.

B Answer the following questions.

  1. What kind of trip did the farmer want to make?

  2. Did he find the trip cheap or expensive?

  3. What was the price of the trip?

  4. On what condition did the pilot agree to change the price of the trip?

  5. Who joined the farmer?

  6. Did the plane fly slowly or quickly?

  7. Did the passengers speak much during the trip?

  8. Did the farmer pay for the trip?

  9. What happened to his wife in the air?

TASK 3 USE OF ENGLISH (30 points)

Time: 20 minutes

1. Fill in the gaps, using a suitable word from a box. Use each word only once. “0” is the example for you.. In the box there is a superfluous word which does not need to be used. (6 points)

church men priest prison couples stories gifts soldiers

Valentine’s Day

There are different (0) stories about St. Valentine. One story says that Valentine was a roman

(1) ___________ who lived about 1800 years ago. At that time Roman (2) ____________ were not allowed to marry. Valentine disobeyed the law and secretly married young (3) __________. Valentine was then sent to prison. He died in (4) __________ on February 14 in 270 AD. The soldiers took him and buried him at a (5) ___________ in Rome. If you go to Rome, you can see where he is buried. Valentine’s Day is a day when people give Valentine cards, (6) ___________ and flowers to people they love.

2. Choose the right variant (10 points)

1. The Volga is …river in the territory of Russia.

a) long b) longer c) the longest

2. … birthday is it next week?

a) Whose b) Whom c) Who

3. Perhaps they …a new house next year.

a) will buy b) buy c) shall buy

4. Two years … Derry bought a car.

a) ago b) for c) since

5. My favourite subject at school is … Biology.

a) the b) a c) –

6. Do you get … letters every day?

a) much b) many c) a many

7. George plays …the violin rather well.

a) - b) on c) in

8. My elder sister is afraid … height.

a) - b) of c) with

9. Jean always stays in fashion. People like ….

a) hers b) she c) her

10. When a student, Mike spent two years in … Germany.

a) a b) the c) –

3. Choose the right variant (10 points)

  1. Jess was watching / watched TV when the TV suddenly was breaking / broke.

  2. While Dad was listening / listened to music in the car, he was driving / drove into the back of a bus!

  3. My parents were walking / walked home yesterday when they were seeing / saw an asteroid in the sky.

  4. Oliver climbed / was climbing a mountain when he was dropping / dropped his MP3 player in a river.

  5. Madonna sang/ was singing when we got/ were getting to the concert.

4. Choose the right variant (4 points)

  1. Maria is very proud of / good at science, so she wants to be a doctor.

  2. You have to be worried about / interested in helping people if you want to be a firefighter.

  3. David wasn’t very proud of / good at failing his exams.

  4. You shouldn’t get interested in / upset about not getting an interview.

TASK 4 WRITING (20 points)

Time: 20 minutes

Write to your foreign friend the letter how you spent summer holidays (80-100 words).

TASK 5 SPEAKING (20 points)

Time: 10 – 12 minutes

  1. Dialogue (10 points)

Put the phrases of the dialogue into the correct order

A) 1. Yes, sure. Thank you.

  1. That's exactly what I want.

  2. Can I have a look at this magazine?

  3. I think this article about clothes is interesting.

5. Yes, of course. I read quickly.

B) 1. Oh, yes, it is. It tells you how to choose the best clothes for

  1. See you tomorrow then.

  2. Yes, sure. What would you like to read?

  3. Do you think you will give it back to me tomorrow?

  4. You can also read an article about music.

  1. Monologue (10 points)

Speak on your hobbies.

Maximum points: 100 points

Использованная литература

  1. Архив международного конкурса «Британский Бульдог»

www. runodog.ru

  1. Школьные олимпиады, Английский язык. 5-8 классы / Е.Б. Власова. – М.: Айрис-пресс, 2006.

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