Презентация к уроку английского языка "Past Simple Tense"; 9 класс

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Remember! Простое прошедшее время (Past Simple Tense) обозначает действия, которые произошли в прошлом
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Слова-спутники прошедшего времени: yesterday - вчера the day before yesterday позавчера last month – в прошлом месяце last year – в прошлом году last week – на прошлой неделе a year ago – год назад a week ago – неделю назад
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позавчера в прошлом неделю тому году 10 дней тому прошлым назад вчера назад летом месяц тому назад ten days ago last summer yesterday a week ago the day before yesterday last year a month ago
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Remember ! Правильно говорить о том, что действие произошло в прошлом тебе помогут глаголы V+ed V2
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Все глаголы делятся на правильные и неправильные V+e правильные d like – liked watch – watched play – played count – counted неправильные V2 sleep – slept swim – swam go – went have – had
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Правописание правильных глаголов
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Regular verbs (Правильные глаголы) V + ed [t] [d] [id] Watche d Walked Talked Finished Looked Played Skated Wanted Collected Painted needed Learne d Tried Cried
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Чтение окончания –ED подчиняется следующему правилу: после звонких согласных после глухих после [t] и [d] и гласных звуков согласных (кроме [d]) звуков [b, g, v, z, g, m, n, l, j, w, r [p, k, f, s, h, c] + гласные] (кроме [t]) [d] [t] [ id ] lived played dressed liked skated wanted
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crie learne collecte watch d d d ed playe skate finishe painte d d d walke want d looke d trie edsmile d needed talke d[d] d [t d [id] ]
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Irregular verbs be – was/were begin – began bring – brought buy – bought build – built come – came do – did drink – drank eat – ate get – got give – gave go – went have – had know – knew let – let make – made meet – met put – put read – read see – saw sit – sat speak – spoke sleep – slept take -took tell – told think – thought win – won write – wrote
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предложение подлежащее + сказуемое V2 / V+ed The mice played yesterday.
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Постройте предложения в Past Simple 1. I (like) to play football. 2. My friends (play) football after lessons. 3. We (watch) TV when our favourite teams play. 4. I (walk) my dog in the evening. 5. I (help) my parents. 6. I (open) the door at 7 o'clock. 7. We (walk) our cat. 8. We (like) to walk. 9. My mum (cook) very tasty cakes.
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Отрицательное предложение подлежащее + did not + сказуемое (V1) The mice played yesterday. The mice didn’t play yesterday.
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Complete the sentences with the verb in the negative 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 1. 2. 3. 4. We played volleyball, but we … basketball. It rained yesterday, but it … last Sunday. They worked on Monday, but they … on Tuesday. She visited her Granny, but she … her aunt. I learned English, but I … French. John skated on Sunday, but he … yesterday. We played volleyball, but we didn’t play basketball. It rained yesterday, but it didn’t rain last Sunday. They worked on Monday, but they didn’t work on Tuesday. She visited her Granny, but she didn’t visit her aunt.
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Сравни жизнь людей сейчас и сто лет назад Now 100 years ago People use computers. People didn’t use computers. People watch TV. Astronauts travel in space. People talk on mobile phones. People travel from Russia to Britain very quickly. People cook breakfast in microwaves.
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Put in the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple. Last summer Jane and Pete (visit) _________ their granny. She (live) ________ in a little house in Oxford. The weather (be) _________ nice and children (have) _________ a lot of fun. One day they (see) _________ a little dog in the street. They (take) _________ the dog home and (call) __________ it Nancy. Nancy (be) _________ very kind and clever. They (play) ___________ together every day. When Pete’s ball (get lost) ______ _______ she (find) _______ it and Pete (be) ______ very happy. Autumn (come) _________ and the children (go back) _________ to London. They (can not) ________ take Nancy with them to their little flat, so Nancy (stay) _________ with Granny. The children often (think) _________ about Nancy and (want) _________to visit her. One morning Jane (look) _________ out the window and (see) _________ Nancy. She (find) __________ them and (come) _________with a present. In her mouth she (have) _________ Pete’s old trainer.
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Общий вопрос Did + подлежащее + сказуемое (V1)? The mice played yesterday. Did the mice play yesterday? Short answers + Yes, подл. did. - No, подл. did
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What did you do yesterday? (Make questions. Your answers can be positive or negative) 1. watch TV 2. have a shower 3. buy a book 4. speak English 5. eat meat 6. play computer games 7. work in the garden 8. drink apple juice 9. sleep in the afternoon
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Глагол to be в Past Simple I He / she / it We You They Was Were
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Употребите предложения в Past Simple 1. My mother is at home. 2. His parents are in the south now. 3. I am at school now. 4. Ann and Kate are students. 5. Tom is ill now. 6. We are at the cinema. 7. She is a doctor. 8. They are in London at the moment. 9. Tim is always late for his lessons. 10. I am interested in History.
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He We was wer e not in the park. not in the park.
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Как задать вопрос? Was he happy? Were they happy? Short answers + Yes, подл. was/were. - No, подл. was not (wasn’t) / were not (weren’t)
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Составьте вопросительное предложение He wa s happy. ? They wer e happy. ?
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Составьте вопросительные предложения We were in the park last Sunday. Were we in the park last Sunday? They were very happy. Were they very happy? He was a very good boy. Was he a very good boy? I was at school yesterday. Were you at school yesterday?
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Homework Составьте 5 утвердительных предложений, используя видовременную форму Past Simple. Затем сделайте полученные предложения вопросительными и отрицательными.

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