Конспект урока закрепления пройденного материала по английскому языку по теме “School”; 5 класс

Урок закрепления пройденного материала

5 класс

Тема: “School

Цель: обобщение материала по теме «Школа»

Задачи: 1. Совершенствование навыков говорения (монолог, диалог) по теме «Школа»

2. Практика чтения и поиск нужной информации

3. Совершенствование навыков аудирования с опорой на наглядность.

Оборудование: учебники, рабочие тетради, карточки с заданиями, иллюстрации, диски “Oxford word magic”, “Sing and speak English”, презентации учащихся, листы достижений учащихся

  1. Орг. момент

(2 мин.)

-Good morning, children!

Sit down, please.

Today we are going to have a very interesting lesson.

We’ll speak about school.

  • Do you see the sheets of paper with the title “The List of Achievements”. For each good answer I shall give you a sticker.

Who will be the best at the end? Let’s see..

-Now let’s begin.

Will you tell me “What is school?” Give me a definition.

School-a place where children go to be taught, or time during the day when they are there. (another variants)

  1. Фонетическая зарядка

(1 мин.)

Autumn is here. Go to school.

If you do well, you won’t be a fool.

Read many books and solve many tasks,

Get only good and excellent marks.

  1. Речевая разминка

(2 мин.)

Опора на листе

(2 мин.)

Now listen to the task.

The first pupil says a word. For example: “A pen”. The second says: “A blue pen” . The third: “The long blue pen”.

If you can’t add a word, change it.

Let’ play a game now.

I can’t do it without…

  1. Проверка домашнего задания.

(10 мин.)

Let’s check our home-tasks.

For this lesson you have to work in groups with your friends to make a list of rules for your teachers or classmates. You might work alone or in pairs.

The theme of your work was: “Rules for students and teachers”

What group wants to go to the blackboard first?

  1. Фронтальная работа по вопросам.

(5 мин.)

Now answer my questions.

  • What form are you in?

  • Are you in the fifth form?

  • Are you in the fifth or in the sixth form in our school?

  • Do you study in a secondary school?

  • At what age do you go to a secondary school in Russia?

  • How many lessons do you have every day?

  • Do you have any new subject in your timetable this year?

  • Do you have any favourite subjects?

  • What is your favourite subject?

  • What are you good at?

  • Are you good at…?

  • Do you like to take your tests?

  • Do you always do your best at the lessons?

  1. Развитие диалогической речи. Работа в парах.

(10 мин.)

Now work in pairs. Make a dialogue about your new subjects this year.


-Do you have any new subjects this year?

-Yes, we do. We have philology, social science and life safety.

-What do you do at…

-Oh, it should be interesting!

  1. Развитие монологической речи.

Изготовление значков-«Мой любимый предмет»

  1. мин)

Образцы оформления значков.

  • Let’s do another task.

You see some words on the blackboard. They are written in letters and in transcription. Match the word and the transcription of this word.




Take away


-Now we’ll do a very interesting task.

We’ll design our own badge.

I know that all of you have your favourite subjects.

You may have one favourite subject or several ones.

Make an emblem in order to everyone could see what subject you like most of all.

Here are the examples of the badges: ….

-Don’t forget, that you must explain, why do you choose this subject exactly.

For example, I like Art, because I like to draw a lot and I think that I am good at this subject.

Prove your mind.

  1. Аудирование с опорой на текст.

(5 мин.)

Oxford word magic

(книга и шар в горошек)

Now get ready to listen to the text.

Try to find an answer to the question: “Does Mike like Maths?”

This is Mike’s classroom. He is ten years old and he is in year 6. Jill is nine years old and she is in year 5. There’s a plan of the school on the wall. It’s a big school. It has lots of classrooms, a hall, a library, a computer room, a music room, a gym, a science lab, and a sports field.

Mike is having a maths lesson. His teacher is writing on the blackboard and Mike is writing in his exercise book. Mike doesn’t like Maths.

Mike is hungry. His lunch box is on the shelf in the classroom. He looks at the ceiling, then he looks at the floor. He is thinking about his lunch.

What’s the answer, Mike?” says his teacher. Oh dear, Mike doesn’t like Maths!

Does Mike like Maths? No, he doesn’t.

But I know that you all like Maths at our school.

Let’s check the understanding of some words.

  1. Игра «Секретные числа»

(5 мин.)

Let’s check “Are you good at Maths?”

Take the cards and read the instructions. Do you understand the task?

Name the columns: ______________

Your secret number is _____________

I can read your minds, you see.

Guess the secret at home.

  1. Совершенствование навыков чтения с целью извлечения полной информации

Do you like reading?

You’ll work in groups.

The first row is the first group, the second row is the second group and the third row is the third group.

Read the text in the group and do the tasks 12 and 13.

Write the answers on the sheets of paper.

I’m a pupil. I study in the 5th form. My school is in London. It is not big. It is far from my house. It takes me 10 minutes to get there. My school has three floors. On the ground floor there’s a canteen, a gym, a cloakroom. On the first floor there are a lot of classrooms for younger children. On the second and third floors there are classrooms too.

I have a lot of subjects at school. My lessons begin at 8:30 and I usually have five or six lessons every day. We have different subjects: Maths, English, German, Geography, Biology, History, Physical Training (P.T), Art and Music. I am good at Maths and Art. There’s a nice library with many books in our school. There’s also a playground near the school. We play different games and Have lessons of P.T. there.

I like going to school, because I meet my friends and learn a lot of interesting things there.

Когда дети закончат работу в группах, они садятся на места и проверяют чтение текста по индивидуальным листам.

- Now, when the group work is over, take your places. Be ready to read the text yourself.

Leaders of the groups, come to the blackboard.

Let’s check the tasks…

Thank you for your work.

  1. Компьютерные презентации на тему: «Наш класс»

  • Do you remember your task about a digital presentation.

  • I’ve got some of your works.

Let’s see them. They are rather interesting…

  • Congratulations to… for the excellent presentation!

  • I see, that you like your class a lot. Am I true?

Prove your minds.

I like my class, because…

  1. Исполнение песни: «Мой рабочий день»

  • Now let’s sing a song ‘My working day’

  1. Работа над словообразованием.

- Do you see these cards? They are torn in two pieces. Can you make a whole word.

I give each of you a card with a part of the word. Find the ending or beginning) of your word. Act one by one.












  1. Работа в печатной тетради (Резервное задание)

-And the last task for today.

Open your Activity book at page 5. Exercise 8.

  1. Постановка домашнего задания.

- Now open your diaries. Write down your home task.

A.B. p. 5, ex. 7 (8)

  1. Подведение итогов урока.

  • Our lesson is over. Thank you. I’ll give you 5-s for today.

  • I’ll make an analysis of your list of achievements for the next lesson.

  • Good luck to everybody.

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