Тестовые контрольные работы по английскому языку по УМК Верещагиной И.Н.; 3 класс

  1. Раскрой скобки и поставь глаголы в подходящей форме:  Present Simple, Present Continuous Tense.
  1.  The cuckoos (not build) _____________ nets. They_________             (use) the nets of other birds.
  2. You can’t talk to him now: he (have) __________ a bath.
  3. Нe usually (drink)__________ tea, but  today he (drink)______ coffee.
  4. What __________ she (do) __________ in the evening? – She usually (play) __________ chess or (read) books.
  5. I won’t go out now as it (rain) _________ and I (not have)_________ a raincoat.
  6. The last bus (leave)___________ the station at 10.15.
  7. She usually (speak)____________ so quickly that I (not understand)________ her.
  8. Ann (make) ____________ a cake for her birthday party at the moment. She (make)__________ all the preparation herself.
  9. Hardly anyone (wear) ________________ straw hats nowadays.
  10. I’m afraid I’ve broken on of your plates. Don’t worry. I ( not like) that one anyway.
  11. I (wear) ______________ my sunglasses today because the Sun is very bright.
  12. Tom can’t have the magazine now because his brother (read).
  13. I’m busy at the moment. I (decorate) ____________ the Christmas tree.
  14. The kettle (boil) ____________ now. I’ll make the tea.
  15. Listen! Somebody (play) __________ the piano.
  16. Usually my mother (watch) __________ TV, but now she (listen)_________ to the radio.


  1. Вставь the, a или прочерк, где необходимо.
  1. This is_________book.
  2. __________ book  is on the table.
  3. _________  chalk  is white.
  4. __________ chalk is on the table.
  5. I like ________ music.
  6. There is ___________ fly in my tea.
  7. Show me ___________ way to ________ station.
  8. _______- Moon goes round __________ Earth , and_________ Earth goes round ________ Sun.
  9. _______ very thought of going there is unbearable.
  10. We’ll take ________ next  bus. – That was ____ last.

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