Интерактивная презентация по английскому языку "Чтение текста с извлечением конкретной информации"; 4-7 класс

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Презентацию подготовила учитель английского языка МБОУ ЦСОШ №9 п. Целина Ростовской области Ковальчук Лариса Георгиевна 2015 год
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 Bob and Rose are English children. Bob is fifteen. Rose is fourteen. They are brother and sister. They go to school. Bob goes to a boys' school and Rose goes to a girls' school. The children's schools are not far from home. At school Bob learns English and German. Rose learns English and French. Bob and Rose have a lot of books at home. They have English, German and French books. Rose is a very good pupil. She always works hard. She reads a lot of books. She always does all her exercises. She always helps her mother at home. Bob does not work hard. He does not work at all. He does not like books and he does not like school. He does not like to help his mother at home. He is a lazy boy. He only likes to sing and dance. He knows some English songs, and he likes to sing them.
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Who likes singing English songs? Answer Bob likes singing English songs
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 Next Sunday will be an unusual day for our family. It will be our mother's birthday. My brother Nick and I decided to go to town and buy a present for her. We will go to town on Saturday after school to do shopping. We can go to town either by train or by bus. Nick likes to go by bus, but I don't like buses. I think we will not go by bus, we will go by train. What will we buy? As we will have a party, we need good sweets, coffee, cheese, sausage, biscuits and cakes. I know Mother likes cakes very much. So we will buy cakes. We buy a new dress and a raincoat or an umbrella for her. It Is a great pleasure to make people happy and we want to make our mother happy.
Слайд 5
How will they make their mother happy? Answer They will buy sweets, coffee, cheese, sausage, biscuits and cakes. They buy a new dress and a raincoat or an umbrella for her.
Слайд 6
 My name is Lera.I live in the village Olkhovka with my parents. My grandparents live in another place far from here. Last summer I went to the town Usolye where my grandparents live. It is a very nice place. The town stands on the big river Kama. I could go there either by train or by ship, I like to go by ship. So I had to get to the river first by train and then the ship took me down the river to the town. It took me three days to get there. The weather was fine all the time. It was so pleasant to go by ship.
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How many days did it take Lera to get to the town Usolye where her grandparents live? Answer It took her three days to get there
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 My name is Katya. I am a student. In two years I will become a teacher of biology. My profession is my hobby as well. I visit the bookstores of my town regularly and buy new books in biology. It helps me to learn all the novelties in my profession I often discuss the books that I have bought, with my friends at the university When I go shopping, I buy not only books, but also some other things, that I need.  I live in Dnepropetrovsk. It is a large city. There are a lot of shops here. If I go shopping, it is not easy for me to choose the right place at once. I am fond of fashion and always try to buy new clothes in order to look fashionable and attractive. It is not an easy task. I have to try on a lot of dresses, skirts and blouses till I choose what I really like. If I need a dress for a special occasion, I go to a shop with my best friend Olya. She is always ready to help me and I try to follow her advice.  Sometimes Olya and I go shopping just for fun. We walk along the streets, visit different kinds of shops and buy some trifles that raise our mood. We may buy something tasty and organize a small party for our friends. I should say that shopping is my hobby, It is the best treatment for me when I am in a bad mood.
Слайд 9
What does Katya do when she is in a bad mood? Answer Shopping is Katya's hobby, It is the best treatment for her when she is in a bad mood.
Слайд 10
 Does the appearance play a big role for you? Or still do you suppose that a book can’t be judged by its cover? Are there such traits of character that you can't endure? What traits in person’s character you like most of all?  When we talk about face, legs, man’s figure, we talk about his appearance. What kinds of features can be? There are three main face types - square, round and oval. The most attractive type is considered to be an oval one. People can be plump, skinny, fat, and of average weight.  When we talk about a person's character, appearance always pales into insignificance. Why? Because it doesn’t matter how beautiful the man outwardly is, his character is the main indicator of the real beauty. Frankly speaking, nobody likes a greedy, tactless, rude and ill-natured person. It's quite another matter to communicate with a nice, amiable, generous and good-hearted man.  Personally I am a girl of a character. I can be both cheerful and easy-going and at the same time thoughtful and reserved. It means that my mood is always changing, but still positive character traits still prevail. Speaking about my appearance, I'm very elegant. I don’t have a gram of excess weight. My friends say that my charm is irresistible. But I don’t focus too much on outer beauty. Inner beauty is much more important.
Слайд 11
My mood is always changing. What does it mean? Answer It means people can be both cheerful and easygoing and at the same time thoughtful and reserved
Слайд 12
 Internet is a worldwide network that transmits data to different parts of the Earth. Owing to the internet, humanity has a chance to share information, download or transfer files, communicate in various chat rooms as well as learn the latest news in the split second.  Every year users in a network are not growing smaller. On the contrary, their number is increasing. Two thirds of Americans regularly use the internet. The second place has been taken by the Asian countries - China and Japan . However, as you see, data are constantly changing. We can draw one conclusion from these indices - every day the number of users is growing rapidly.  Advantages of the global network are obvious. Internet is not only an entertaining place, but also a learning platform. Want to learn something - search the answer to your question on the internet. The answer won’t make you wait. Want to learn, for example, a foreign language – it’s all in your hands. Even higher education can be acquired via the World Wide Web. The only minus of the Internet is abundance of information. There is so much of it that at times you get lost in this web of communication.
Слайд 13
What is the only minus of the Internet ? Answer The only minus of the Internet is abundance of information. There is so much of it that at times you get lost in this web of communication.
Слайд 14
 Once upon the time there lived Masha. She lived on the farm and had a lot of animals. Animals of different species could be found everywhere both in the house and outdoors. Domestic animals, namely cats and dogs were allowed to enter the house. Farm animals, such as cows, sheep and ducks were not permitted to come in.  Masha liked taking care of all animals that lived on the farm but primarily she adored her pets (domestic animals). She had two dogs, three cats, one parrot and some insects. Her dad and mom didn’t approve of her keeping insects as pets because they were afraid of her life. The spider was her favorite insect and she played with it most of her time. It’s well-known that spiders may bite, that’s why parents thought it to be able to injure their daughter. Nevertheless, a girl was very brave and was scared of nothing because she knew for sure that her spider wasn’t poisonous, it was domesticated.  Apart from domestic animals, farm animals and insects there were reptiles on her farm as well. It were chameleons, lizards and snakes. Masha also liked reptiles but was cautious about them because she was extremely smart and was aware of the grave danger which snakes represented.
Слайд 15
Did Masha also like reptiles? Answer Masha also liked reptiles but was cautious about them because she was extremely smart and was aware of the grave danger which snakes represented.
Слайд 16
 Billy always listens to his mother. He always does what she says. If his mother says, “Brush your teeth,” Billy brushes his teeth. If his mother says, “Go to bed,” Billy goes to bed. Billy is a very good boy. A good boy listens to his mother. His mother doesn’t have to ask him again. She asks him to do something one time, and she doesn’t ask again. Billy is a good boy. He does what his mother asks the first time. She doesn’t have to ask again. She tells Billy, “You are my best child.” Of course Billy is her best child. Billy is her only child.
Слайд 17
Why is Billy his mother's best child ? Answer Billy is his mother's best child. Billy is her only child.
Слайд 18
 In recent years it has become very popular to choose clothes exclusively by color. Clothing color now plays a big role in the lives of all dandies and fashionable women. There is even a special system based on the choose of appropriate clothing colors depending on the color of eyes, hair and skin of a person.  Assuming, you have dark hair (no matter whether you are a brunette or a chestnut head). In this case your choice may go for black clothes. You can freely experiment with purple and red. If you are a blond or a blonde, then forget about grey. If you decide to wear grey clothes you will be pale and washed-out. For blonds to wear cream, blue, green and brown (not too bright) or pastel colors is more suitable. Nevertheless, it is not universal advice. Many things depend on what color of your eyes and skin is.  Of course, color is essential in our lives. However, I believe that the quality of clothes is also very important. Fabric and tailoring – this interests me most of all when I buy clothes. What is the use of buying fashionable clothes if tomorrow it will stretch after washing owing to poor quality. Clothes must wear well and of course be fashionable and immaculate.
Слайд 19
Color is essential in our lives. What else is important for buying clothes? Answer The quality of clothes, fabric and tailoring is also very important
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lengish.com/texts/category-1. catchenglish.ru/teksty.html  http://www.google.ru картинки

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