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Ireland. Сounty Clare.
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County Clare is located in the west of Ireland on the Atlantic coast. The coastline is deeply indented by deep coves and bays, rocky slopes - steeper and steeper.
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County Clare is famous for its natural beauty and, of course, a medieval castle.
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Here is one of the most popular and picturesque places of the island - Cliffs of Moher.
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The peaks of rectangular coastal cliffs by the Atlantic Ocean stretch along the coast to 8 km. They took their name after fort "Mothar", which at the time of the Napoleonic Wars, was destroyed and the signal tower was built in its place.
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On top of the cliffs you can see a lone round tower of stone - O'Brien's Tower. It was built in 1835 by Cornelius O'Brien, a descendant of King of Ireland, to surprise the guests with a female opening observation tower view.
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The famous Irish rock formed yet for 6000 years BC. They remember the first settlers who came to this area many years ago - the Scythians, English, Scots, Danes, who came here and with the peace, and with the war.
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According to legend, the southernmost point of the cliffs is called "Witch Head." According to the record, the witch Mal fell in love with the Irish hero Cuchulain, but love was not reciprocated. In pursuit of her beloved witch fell off a cliff, whose name is now associated with her name.
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On the Cliffs of Moher, there are other legends. One of them tells the tragic role of the Cliffs of Moher in the country's history. When the Druids felt that their religion was losing its position in Ireland, many of them decided to die by jumping from the highest point of the cliffs - 214 m, which is located 8 km from O'Brien's Tower.
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In rainy days it is an extremely inhospitable place, but at the same time it is intoxicating.
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Rocks were born overseas. Their limestone base (formed by myriads of skeletons of small sea animals) was formed more than 300 million years ago. Century after century, sea deposited more and more layers of colored sandstone and shale. As a result of continental shifts, these rocks were extruded onto the surface.
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The landscape to the north-east of the Cliffs of Moher is dominated by rocky surfaces. This is the Burren, which is a series of giant limestone terraces of 260 square meters.
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In a soft, damp climate robust stone shelters provide exceptionally favorable conditions in which both Mediterranean and Alpine plants thrive. In early summer, the stones come alive, covered, like gems, geraniums, Dryad and spring gentian. Gray stone desert indented network of cracks or crevices in which, miraculously caught on the roots of the tiny islands of the soil, find shelter about a thousand different species of plants.
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Another natural attraction of County Clare - Eayluii cave (which means cave yellow cliffs), whose history begins about a million years ago.
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In the caves Eayluii there is a large number of stalactites, the most famous of them: "Frozen waterfall", "Praying Hands".
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County Clare - it's not just the wellknown Irish county, but also one of the most beautiful counties of the island, which include the magnificent landscapes of the coastline, beautiful views of the sea, lakes, cliffs and caves. Have a nice trip! This place is definitely worth seeing
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Список, использованной литературы:    http://www.jorvik-viking-centre.co.uk/ http://www.english.language.ru / https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/

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