Информационно-иллюстративное пособие по английскому языку теме"Australia in Brief".

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• Aboriginal settlers arrived on the continent from Southeast Asia about 40,000 years before the first Europeans began exploration in the 17th century. • Six colonies were created in the late 18th and 19th centuries; they federated and became the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901. • The new country took advantage of its natural resources to rapidly develop agricultural and manufacturing industries and to make a major contribution to the British effort in World War 1 and 2. • In recent decades, Australia has transformed itself into an internationally competitive, advanced market economy.
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• • • • • Population -323,056 (8th ) Area -805 sq. km Canberra is the capital city of the Commonwealth of Australia. The city is located at the northern end of the Australian capital Territory. As the seat of the government of Australia, Canberra is the site of Parliament House, the High Court of Australia and numerals government departments and agencies. It is also the location of many social and cultural institutions of national significance, such as the National Gallery of Australia and the National Museum of Australia.
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National library Parliament House National Museum of Australia (2001) National Hospital
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Canberra School of Art Shopping Centre The Floriade flower festival attracts many tourists each spring. Telstra Tower
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• • • • • • • Population - 4,119,190 (1st ) Area -12144sq.km Established -26 January 1788 Sydney is the most populous city in Australia and the state capital of New South Wales. Sydney is located on Australia’s south-east coast. Its nickname is “the Harbour City” It is Australia’s largest financial centre. Sydney’s leading economic sectors include property and business services, manufacturing, tourism, media ,health, and community services. The World Famous Bondi Beach on a Winter Day
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Sydney University Central Business District Sydney Opera House
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The Chinese Garden of Friendship
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Sport in Sydney is an important part of the culture. Sydney has many natural areas even within the city centre: Chinese Garden of Friendship, Hyde park, the Domain, and the Royal Botanic Gardens. There are many netball, field hockey, ice hockey, cricket and golf teams in Australia. Canberra also has numerous sporting ovals, golf courses, skate parks, tennis courts and swimming pools that are open to the public. Winter sports in Australia are sailing, rowing and water skiing . Canberra’s largest stadium
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The Red Kangaroo The Spotted Quoll is a carnivorous marsupial The Dingo The Koala. It doesn’t normally need to drink, because it can obtain all the moisture it needs by eating leaves Emu is the second largest species of bird.
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The Saltwater Crocodile Blue-tongued lizard The Poisonous Cane Toad The Eastern Banjo Frog The Wolf Spider Goanna
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Spotted Wobbegong The Weedy Sea Dragon,a fish related to pipefish and seahorses, Is found in the waters around Southern Australia The Grey Nurse Shark The Dugong is an endangered species ;the largest remaining population is found in Australia waters.
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The Bird in the park Gang-gang Cockatoo The Murray Cod
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National Gallery In Australia
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• Australia was the first country in the world to have a complete system of bank notes based on plastic. • Australia’s currency consists of coins of 5,10,20,and 50 cent and 1 and 2 dollar denomination; and notes of 5,10,20,50,and 100 dollar denomination. dollars cents
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• Работа выполнена учителем английского языка Петра – Дубравской СОШ муниципального района Волжский Самарской области Аввакумовой Татьяной Игоревной . • Цель : создание иллюстративноинформационного пособия , необходимого при изучении темы «Australia» • Задачи : тренировка лексики по теме; развитие навыков устной речи , чтения и аудирования; расширение кругозора учащихся.

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