Конспект урока по английскому языку "Музыка в нашей жизни" для 9 класса

I. Greeting.
T: Good afternoon boys and girls. Today I won’t tell you the topic of the lesson, you’ll guess it.
(учитель включает музыку)
T: Did you guess?
P1: Yes, I did. We’ll speak about music.
T: You are right. We’ll speak about music, about our tastes in music, history of music.
II. Warming-up.
Look at the blackboard. There is one odd word in each line. Find it.
1) Pretty, big, round, catchy, extraordinary.
2) Famous, encourage, tune, exciting, north
3) Century, bagpipe, ballet, success, prefer
4) To record, to make, to succeed, to travel, to explore

T: all these words are connected with our topic. Name the words to describe music, musical instruments, actions related to music (release), the elements of music (sound, lyrics)
T: Can we live without music?
P1, P2, P3
T: But music is not possible without musical instruments. There is a great variety of them. Let’s match the name of the instrument and its image.
III. Speaking and listening.
T: Teenagers have different tastesin music. What music do you enjoy and why?
P1: Well, I prefer rock, Some people think it is aggressive, I don’t agree. I think it is powerful.
P2: As for me, I enjoy club music. It is catchy and rhythmic.
P3: I’m fond of classical music, I think it is impressive and pleasant.

T: Now we’ll listen to different types of music and define it.
( pupils listen to music and define its style)
Pop, rock, classical, jazz, folk music, club music, rap
IV. Reading.
T: Are you fond of singing? Many people sing karaoke when they have a party. Do you know the origin of karaoke?
Let’s read the text and do some tasks.
V. Game “Your chance”
Pupils choose a card and answer the question.
VI. Dialog in pairs.
Imagine that you are a reporter from teens’ magazine and the other one is a teenager who likes music very much. Make up a dialog.
VII. Ending the lesson. H/w- music quiz.
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