План-конспект урока английского языка «Relationships. Help is at hand.»; 10-11 классы Laser

4.2. Работа с грамматическим материалом (7-10 minutes)
- Now, guys, I want you divide in two groups. I will give you the cards with the sentences. These sentences describes some actions in present or in past. You should read and analyze these sentences, and make a review, when do we use present simple, and when do we use past simple. You have 6 minutes.
Card 1 (group 1):
My dad talks in his sleep.
I don’t see my cousins very often.
She lives in Switzerland.
Ann is married.
Does Rob have a girlfriend at the moment?
Term starts next Monday.
I’ll call you when I get back.
Actually, I do have a sister, but she lives abroad.

Card 2 (group 2)
I talked in my sleep when I was a child
I didn’t see my cousins very often when I was growing up.
I bought my dad’s birthday present yesterday.
She lived in Switzerland.
They were married for seventy years.
Roula had long hair a few years ago.
I went downstairs and made the kids their breakfast.
Actually, I did agree with her.

- Now, let’s present your results.(2 minutes)
Group 1, please!
- We use the present simple:
for habits, to show how often things happen or don’t happen, for permanent situations, for general truths, facts and abilities, for states, for the future (in timetables and in time clauses), to emphasise an action or situation.
- Group 2, please!
- We use the past simple:
for habits in the past, to show how often things happened or didn’t happen, for single completed actions, for permanent situations in the past, for general truths and facts about the past, for past states, for the main events in a story, to emphasise an action or situation.
- Well done, students! Now, open your books at p. 6-7. We’ve already read this article (Help is at hand) at the previous lesson. Now your task is to find and underline the examples of:
1)The present simple in the question form (paragraph 1).
2)The emphatic present simple (paragraph 6).
3)The past simple in the negative (paragraph 4).
You have 2 minutes.

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