Text "A day in England"

A day in England

In England many people get up at 7 o’clock because they start work and school at around 8 o’ clock. Before leaving the house English people almost always eat breakfast, usually tea or coffee? And toast or cereal although some people like a big breakfast with eggs, toast, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and baked beans.

Lunch time is between 12 o’clock and 1 p.m. Lunch is usually a light meal, perhaps a sandwich and fruit and drink. Many school children take a packed lunch to school. School ends around 3:15 in the afternoon. Children then do after school activities or homework..

Some people have tea at 5 o’clock. Tea in this case refers to a light meal with biscuits or scones and hot tea of course! Then they have dinner later in the evening, around 8 p. m. However, many people leave work between 5 and 6 p. m. and then go home after doing errands. When the family is all home they eat dinner. Dinner is a hot meal, and for some families it’s the most important meal of the day. After dinner people usually watch TV or read before going to bed. Bedtime is around 8 p. m. for small children and between 10 and 11 for adults.


mushroom: шампиньон, гриб

baked beans: фасоль в томатном соусе

light meal: лёгкая еда, закуска

packed lunch: холодная еда в дорогу

after school activity: занятия продлённого дня

homework: домашнее задание

scone: английская булочка

however: однако

errand: дела, поручения

1. Read the text A Day in England. Then underline the correct option for each sentence. The first one is done as an example.

1. In England many people get up at……7 o’ clock…………….. .

a) 7 o’ clock b) 8 o’ clock

2. English people…………………………..eat breakfast.

a) almost never b) almost always

3. Lunch is usually………………………

a) at midnight b) in the evening

4. Many children…………………….school.

a) take lunch to b) buy lunch at

5. Tea is…………………………..meal.

a) an important b) a light

6. After dinner people usually………………………… .

a) watch TV b) do errands

2. Match these words from the reading text with their definitions. The first one is done as an example.

1 . light meal a) to stop or finish

2. packed lunch b) for example: buy bread, go to the post office

3. afterschool activity c) not a lot of food

4. to end d) from babies to 8 or 10 years old

5. “tea” e) cold food, like a sandwich and an apple that

you take with you to eat

6. errand f) person over 18 years old

7. small children g) for example: sports or music classes for children

8. adult h) a small at 5 o’ clock



1. a

2. b

3. a

4. a

5. b

6. a


1. с

2. e

3. g

4. a

5. h

6. b

7. d

8. f

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