УРОК-ДЕЛОВАЯ ИГРА «РЕКЛАМА: ЗА И ПРОТИВ» (английский язык) в 9 классе

II. Вступительная беседа и слово учителя, объяснение задач урока:
- This is the well-known song, isn’t it? Do you know it? What is this song about? (The girl sings she needs money to pay the bills) What are other reasons and aims to earn money? (Учащиеся высказывают предположения:

- to live;
-to buy different things;
- to educate;
- to travel…)

- Among the reasons and aims you called “to buy different things”. Do you buy something new that has been advertised or if a friend recommends it? (Учащиеся высказывают свое мнение)
(Звучат звуки из знакомых рекламных роликов) Do you recognize these tunes? - You are right. This is advertisement. Look at the blackboard. You can see some quotes. Read them and think of what they are about and what the subject of our lesson is. (Учащиеся читают высказывания вслух и предполагают, что они о рекламе и тема урока – реклама)
- Well, you are right. Today we’ll discuss the problems of advertisement, its advantages and disadvantages. Is it annoying factor for you or, may be, you like it very much? You’ll have an opportunity to use your lexical and grammatical knowledge in new situation. I hope our lesson will help you to improve your English and to learn it in future. I’m far from the idea that all of you will become businessmen, but you learn Economy. I believe the knowledge of advertising vocabulary will be of some use in your future occupation and everyday life.
Our lesson is unusual. It is the business game. (Объяснение правил)
We’ll divide ourselves into three groups. The first group will protect ads. The participants of the second group are their opponents; their task is to give bad points of advertising. The third group’s members are experts; their purpose is to give their opinion about groups’ working and sum up the business game. You must make up the tasks for definite time. Good luck!
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