Путешествие в англоязычные страны, 9 класс

Голикова Галина, учитель английского языка МБОУ СОШ № 9 г. Холмска

Урок- пресс – конференция для учащихся 9 класса.

«Путешествие в англоязычные страны»

Тема.Travelling to the EnglishSpeaking countries.

Цели урока: дальнейшее развитие навыков говорения,

усвоение новых лексических единиц, работа над структурами восприятия иноязычной речи на слух, расширение кругозора учащихся. Научить учащихся добывать дополнительную информацию при помощи компьютера.

Оборудование: компьютер, презентации: « Английский

язык – язык мира», США, Канада, Новая Зеландия, Австра

лия, Великобритания. Карточки с вопросами. Презентация викторины по теме урока. Карта мира.

Ход урока.

Cлова учителя.

Начало урока.

Предполагаемый ответ учащихся.

Hallo boys and girls! Glad to see you!

The topic of our lesson is “Travelling to the English-Speaking countries.”

We’ll have not an ordinary lesson today. We’ll

have a press-conference .

The aim of the lesson is to improve our know-

ledge, to learn new words and expressions,

to discuss some problems, concerning the life,

science and economy of these countries, to broaden our outlook and to have a quiz.

Imagine: the deligation from the English –

Speaking countries came to our school.Some of them are scientists, some – correspondents and some – students. Let them introduce them-

selves ( pupils introduce themselves ).


It’s a pity that one of the delegates Miss.Johnson couldn’t come to participate in

the conference but yesterday we received her

report «English is a world language».

I think it’ll be interesting to listen to it and to see her presentation.

Guests from the 9th form! Please, look, listen and answer the questions. (Учащимся раздаются карточки с вопросами. Эти же

вопросы они могут видеть на экране)

Вопросы зачитываются учителем вслух..

( Английский язык для 5-9 классов. Лицензионная копия, г. Mocква Ольховская, 45. )


3. Speaking.

P1, P2, P3, P4,P5.

Mr. and Mrs. White – scientists from the UK; Mrs Everson –New Zealand;

Mrs. Mitchel – a correspondent from the USA;

Mrs. Hudson and Mrs Merlin – Canada;

Mr. and Mrs Brown – from Australia.

Pupils listen and answer the questions

P1. It began in the XVII century.

P2. Approximately 400 mln. people speak

English as their first language.

P3. Yes, it is. It is a language of business,

technology, aviation, sport and pop music.

P4.It is the official language in 44 countries:

the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand.

It is one of the official languages in Canada

and in the Irish Republic.

P5. There are more than one billion speakers

of English in the world.

T. Well done! Now look at the answers to check. (На экране ответы на заданные вопросы.)

So it is time to speak to our guests from different countries. Your questions please.

Who will be the first?

P1 I’d like to know if the schools in England are the same as in our country.

T.Mr. White can give you an answer.

Please, do.

Mr. White: Schools in England are not the

same as in your country. Children begin to go to school when they are five years old. From five to seven they are in infant schools. In infant schools the children draw and paint, they sing and listen to stories which the teacher

reads to them. They also play games. In these

schools they begin to learn to read and write.

From seven to eleven children in England go to a junior school.Here they learn to read and write and do mathematics. From eleven to sixteen they go to a secondary school. They have many subjects in their time- table.

In England children do not go to school on Sundays and Saturdays.

P2. What foreign languages do English schoolchildren study?

Mrs. White: Most people in our country learn

English at school. Some children learn German

or French, Latin or Russian.

P3. What does the national flag of Great Britain symbolize?

Answer: One of the oldest flags in the world is

the British one. Its crosses stand for the patron

saints of old England,Scotland and Ireland.Some historians say that the British flag got the name of Union Jack from James I

under whom Scotland and England were united in the 17th century.

It seems to me that you’ve got questions to Mrs. Mitchel from the USA. You are welcome.

P4.And what about marks in your schools?

Answer: Schoolchildren in England get

a fifty – five or sixty when you get a three.You

get a four and they get a seventy – nine, a

ninety-seven or a hundred.

P5 .I’d like to know more about the president

of the USA Barak Obama. Where does he live and work?

Mrs. Mitchel: An interesting question.

Our president lives and works in the White


P6. How many rooms has the White House?

Answer: It has 132 rooms.

P7. What are the most popular public holidays

in America?

Answer: There are a number of public holidays

in our country. The most popular are Christmas and Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Day comes on the 4th Thursday

in November. In the autumn of 1621 the Piligrim Fathers celebrated their first harvest

festivals in America and called it Thanksgiving

Day. Since that time the holiday has been celebrated every year.

Christmas is a religious day in America. It is celebrated on December, 25. Just before Christmas Day and New Year people send

greetings to their friends and relatives. People

usually stay at home with their families.

P7. What does the American flag represent?

Answer: The American flag is called the Stars

and Stripes. Look at it please! The horizontal

red and white stripes represent the original 13

states that declared they would no longer be colonies of Great Britain. The stars represent

the number of states now. There are 50 of them. The national flag of the USA is the main

symbol of the country. It is often called ‘The

Stars and Stripes.

Question:What is the official language of the USA?

Answer: The United States is one of the countries in the world that has no ‘official’

national language. The basic language spoken

throughout the country is American English.

The second language is Spanish.

T.Dear students,of course you know that

Canada is much spoken about. Why?

T. Have you got any questions?

T.Australia is a unique country. It is cut off from the rest of the world. Probably, due to its

Geographical position, Australia was the last continent inhabited by the white man. That’s

why this country attracts many tourists.

What information would you like to get?

Ps. Everybody knows that Canada is the host of the next Olympic Games. They will

be held in Ottawa in 2010.

P8. Yes, certaintly. Who is the head of your state?

Answer: Formally the head of our state is the

King or Queen of England but in fact the real executive power is in the hands of the Cabinet

under the Prime Minister.

P9. What are the official languages in Canada?

Answer: English and French are both official

languages, but 20% of the population speaks

only French.

P10.Is Canada as large as our country?

Answer: No, it isn’t. It covers the entire North

American continent north of the USA except

Alaska and the small French Islands.

Question 11.Where is the capital of Canada


Answer: The capital of Canada is Ottawa. It is

situated on the south bank of the Ottawa River.

Question: What can you say about the Canadian flag?

Answer: The Canadian flag consists of three

Vertical stripes, two red ones in the right and

left and a white stripe between them, with a red maple leaf in the middle of the white stripe.

Question: What kind of sport do Canadians love? Answer: Canadians love winter sports, and ice hockey is a great favourite. This game, the national sport in Canada, is very fast, and can be dangerous.

Baseball is the most popular summer sport in

Canada. Canadians start playing baseball young. There are leagues which children of

eight can join. Basketball and golf are becoming increasingly popular. Sport in Canadian schools is compulsory. Schoolchildren spend a lot of time playing tennis, swimming, doing athletics, skiing and skating.

Question: What is Australia famous for?

Answer: Australia is famous for its sheep. The

Great sheep-farms are called sheep stations. They are found in many parts of the country.

Question: Australia has been called ‘The land of differences’ and the continent of contrasts.


Answer: And that is true. The koala is a tree –

loving animal can eat only eucalyptus leaves.

You can meet dingoes in many parts of Australia. Wild animals and birds of our country are not found in any other country of

the world.

Question: How do people preserve such unique


Answer: Our government pays a lot of attention to the preservation. One billion trees

had been planted by the year 2000.

T.Mrs. Everson has come from one of the most

beautiful countries in the world New Zealand.

She is going to tell us about it. And I give her

the floor.

Mrs. Everson: My country New Zealand is an

independent state and a member of the Commonwealth, which is situated south – east

of Australia. It is a mountainous country. The climate in New Zealand is warm all the year

round. That’s why many tourists come to us to

enjoy its nature, to see animals, living nowhere

in the world. For example the kiwi, a bird which lives in the forest and doesn’t fly. The kiwi is the national emblem of New Zealand.

And do you know anything about the Maoris?

The Maoris are the aborigines of New Zealand.

It is interesting to know that the Maoris gave to New Zealand the name “The Land of the Long White Cloud’.


T.Boys and girls! Thanks to our guests we’ve

learnt a lot of interesting things about their homelands. And it is time to see how well you know them. Right now you’ll be able to show

your knowledge. So look, read and speak!

( A quiz for pupils of the 9th form )

T. Our press – conference has come to the end.

It was useful for both our guests and pupils.

I think you understand that to know English

today is absolutely necessary for every educated person, for every good specialist.

Home – task.

Write down the composition ‘My impression of the lesson’.

Ps. Answer the questions.

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