Эти удивительные животные/Amazing creatures 5 класс


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Развёрнутый конспект урока.

Дата: 30.01.12

Класс: 5-б

Тема:Эти удивительные создания/ Amazing creatures. Revision.

Цель : Повторение пройденного материала по теме «Животные», отработка лексики, диалоги - работа в парах, аудирование, групповой вид работы, игровая форма работы, закрепление материала в песне.

Задачи: закрепление лексики, свободное ориентирование в предлагаемых ситуациях, расширение словарного запаса, овладение навыками аудирования, говорения, чтения и письма.

Материальное обеспечение урока: интерактивное обеспечение(Access 1), презентация,сумка с игрушками, раздаточный материал, учебник Spotlight 5

информация на доске к началу урока/Blackboard

January, 30th

Topic: Amazing creatures

Budgie Deer

Peacock Tortoise

Rhino Ladybird

Ход урока


2 min

10 min

2-3 min

2-3 min

2 min

3-4 min

2 min

6 min

2-3 min

3 min

3 min

7-8 min

4 min

1 min








Warm up. Good morning, boys and girls.

Today we have special guests, greet them,say “Hello”

I’m glad to see you, please take your seat.

Today we’re going to continue talking about animals and pets and make a revision of what we’ve learnt about these amazing creatures.

Brainstorming and revision of new vocabulary.

a)First of all, let’s discuss some questions:

- What wild animals do you know?

-What is your favourite one? Why?

- Good, and what about pets? What pets do you know?

-Which of them do you like most of all? Why?

-Well done! How many types of insects are there in the world?

-That’s right. What insects do you know?

- Are they important? Why?

b) Look at the blackboard. Repeat the proverbs about animals.Which of them do you like most of all?

c) Now look at the blackboard again. You see the names of amazing creatures. I’ll give some of you images of wild animals, pets and insects. Then I’ll say your name and you should come to the blackboard and stick the picture under the appropriate word.

d)Now I’ll give you some cards with riddles. You should read them aloud and other students should guess who this creature is.

e)Now look at the blackboard. You see some pictures and a crossword. Let’s do the crossword to remember how to write the names of our favourite animals and pets. What is it?

f)Look at the blackboard again. You see some kinds of wild animals, insects and pets. Your task is to put the words under the correct heading.

g) Now let’s play the game.

I’ve got a bag with different animals and pets in it. Your task is to put your hand in it, take one and answer my questions.

-What is it?

-What does it look like? Describe it!

- What is it like?

e) Now let’s sing the song about amazing creatures together! Don’t forget about dancing!

Listening and reading.

a)Now listen to the text “Animals of India”. Now you can’t see the text but you see 5 statements. After listening you should say if they are right or wrong and prove your answer. Make notes.

b) Now listen and complete the advertisement “ Visit London Zoo”. Make notes while listening.

A good job!

Speaking and acting out dialogues.

a)Now we’re going to make dialogues. Divide into two groups.

The task for the first group:

Work in pairs. Imagine that you’re at the zoo with your friend. Act out a dialogue using the phrases from the blackboard. You should –ask about an animal, - describe the animal, - give a reason why you (don’t) like it.

The task for the second group:

Work in pairs. Imagine that your pet is ill. You take it to the vet’s. Act out the dialogue using the sentences from the blackboard. You should say –what pet you’ve got, - how old your pet is, - what problem your pet has.

I give you two minutes.

Well done!

b) Now divide into two groups and discuss the question: “Why should we protect animals?” I give you two minutes, after that one leader from each group should give reasons.


Now, open your diaries and write your homework. Your homework is to repeat module 5 to write the final test.

So, today we were talking about animals and pets, their appearance and traits of character. We’ve worked hard and I would like to thank you for such a good job.

The lesson is over.


Good morning, teacher!


-I know elephants, lions, monkeys, bears, peacocks, giraffes, etc.

-I like monkeys because they’re funny. I like….

-I know dogs, cats, budgies, guinea pigs, goats, goldfish, etc.

-I like budgies because they’re clever and cute. I like….

-There are 10 million types of insects in the world.

- Ladybirds, flies, beetles,wasps,etc.

- Yes, they are because they are food for birds and animals, they keep our gardens clean because they eat dead leaves. Some insects, like bees, make honey.

Students repeat the proverbs and express their opinion about them.

Students come to the blackboard one by one, stick the picture and say the name properly.

Students read the riddles one by one and other students say the name.

Students say the name, come to the blackboard and write it.

Students name the appropriate words under each heading.

Students’ answers (for example):

-This is an elephant. It has got big ears, long legs and a short trunk. It is kind and clumsy.

Students sing and dance.

Students make notes while listening, come to the blackboard, read the statements aloud, mark the sentences “true” or “false” and prove their answer saying the right sentence.

Students make notes while listening, we check their short answers, students read the advertisement aloud.

A couple of students from each group act out the dialogues according to two different situations. They get good marks.

Students’ own responses

Используемые ресурсы:

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It is beautiful. It has feathers , wings and a small beak.

It has a long neck and long legs.

It is noisy but cute. It has fur. It can climb trees, run and jump.

It is brave and strong. It has a mane, fur and a tail.

It is big with trunks and tusks. It is clumsy but funny.

It is dangerous but clumsy. It is brown or white with paws, small ears and fur .

Слайд 1
«Amazing creatures» Крылова Ксения Николаевна Преподаватель английского языка Нахимовское военно-морское училище
Слайд 2
Proverbs • A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. • A bird may be known by its song • A cat in gloves catches no mice • A lazy sheep thinks its wool heavy
Слайд 3
Слайд 4
Слайд 5
Questions for the game • • • • • • What is it? What colour is it? What does it look like? What is it like? What can it do? Do you like it?
Слайд 6
Слайд 7
Слайд 8
Слайд 9
1)Act out a dialogue using the phrases below. You should –ask about an animal, - describe the animal, - give a reason why you (don’t) like it. a) What’s that animal over there? b) Which one? c) What does it look like? d) They are so beautiful. e) Why not? 2)Act out the dialogue using the sentences below. You should say –what pet you’ve got, - how old your pet is, - what problem your pet has. a) What’s the matter? b) What’s wrong with him? c) Really? How do you know? d) How old is he? e) Let’s have a look at him.
Слайд 10
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