Данная разработка была создана по методу "Школы Китайгородской", которая делает упор на мотивацию у детей к устной речи. Материал разработки рассчитан на детей с уровнем знаний Intermediate.


The power of words is often not respected enough in our societies. Our capacoty to express ourselves is taken much for granted and it is assumed that if one's grammar and vocabulary are developed, she/he will automatically be able to produce and deliver an intelligent speech. Language curricula often lack the conscious development of oral expression.

Public speaking, therefore, is stressful to many, and the discussion of a controversial topic even more so. Some would be reluctant to take a stand on their views while others might become overbearing and lack respect for the opinions of their partners. There are many linguistic, intellectual and social skills involved in the ability to negotiate and argue successfully.

Role play, round table discussion and group discussion are a framework for the structured discussion of various topics. Individuals or teams put forward their arguments and counterarguments in order to try to convince the participants of their point and their rhetorical expertise. Learning the techniques of discussion, therefore provides an excellent opportunity to acquire sophisticated language and communication skills.

Role play and round table discussion develop:
-logical and critical thinking;
-skills in organizing one's thoughts;
-oral expression;
-rhetorical skills;
-empathy and tolerance for different views;
-ability to work in team;
-ability to focus on the core of an issue;
-one's manners in a public performance.
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